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Agenda & Notes


Agenda item

1.Review action items from previous call


2.Final report
  • Review sections of the report - structure and general content
    • Background and methodology (Julia)
      • Format -
        • Appreciation for brevity.
      • Content -
        • How far back should we document the background? Just since the charge or further?
        • Update to clarify "all" vs. specific members interviewed.
        • Add some clarification on methodology of how we sorted the info and assessed pros/cons.
    • Findings - (Lisa)
      • Format -
        • Fill in detail, refer to appendices.
      • Content -
        • What are specific to findings vs. recommendations? Findings to talk mostly about the results of the interviews. Segue to recommendations.
        • Refer to request from DOC committee - and the detailed table appendix.
        • Focus on needs rather than the tools after the interviews.
        • Add section on support questions - to acknowledge challenges there
        • Add boundaries of investigation - specialized apps that we didn't assess.
    • Best practices (Annette, Lynn)
      • Format -
      • Content -
        • How detailed should best practices be?
          • recommendation for chair and recommendations for users
          • 3-4 bullet points for best practices on how to use/manage these tools effectively
          • concern about how to maintain the specifics
          • should the focus be on why to use the tools, or how? Not a detailed how-to.
    • Recommendation (Adrian, Michael)
      • Format
        • table or narrative? (table in the appendix)
        • what would be the most effective way to present the info?
        • draft a table-style arrangement to help visualize - working with Lisa to draft. This can be included with the recommendation or be an alternative. To be reviewed on Wednesday.
      • Content -


  • For Wednesday's meeting - Adrian will pull into a word document and start to finalize.
  • Michael will add a paragraph to the Background document to provide additional DOC perspective prior to the group's charge.
  • All to update their sections based on feedback



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