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Agenda & Notes


Agenda item

1.Review action items from previous call


2.Decide on next steps and timeline in light of the DOC response regarding the format of final report
  • Discussed how to approach the report
  • Discussed how to approach table/matrix, and tools and needs.


  •  We will not include tools not mentioned in interview, our list of what else is out there.
  • -"critical" will be part of the matrix
    -"nice to have" mentioned as paragraph
3.Pair the needs with the tools (Analysis: communication and collaboration needs)
  • Worked on Identifying best tool for each need during call
  • Work on three things during call:
    -create matrix, add lines critical to have
    -pro/con each tool for specific need
    -vote on needs, weigh winner vs runner up

  •  Moved texting within group up to critical
  •   homework: fill out pro/con column before next meeting. Next meeting, be prepared for agree/disagree responses



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