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Agenda & Notes


Agenda item

1.Review action items from previous call
  • Having common management and support of any of the tools is needed
  •  IT director responses from 2 campuses
  • Adrian/Michael splitting the needs between critical / nice to have

  • removing tools which are out of scope (focusing on the communication / collaboration tools which are the main focus)

2.Pair the needs with the tools (Analysis: communication and collaboration needs)
  1. finalize met/unmet assessment
  2. agree on critical/nice to have split
  3. identify which tools are appropriate for each need
  4. rate the fit of each tool
  5. identify best tool for each need

working on the table:

Analysis: communication and collaboration needs

Finalizing/populating columns

agreeing on critical/nice to have split

  1. Need: Color coded as Green (Critical) and Orange (nice to have)
  2. met/unmet of current needs
    1. whether or not intuitive or not
    2. SharePoint, difficult to learn and "out of fashion"
    3. Security of tools (e.g. Google Docs security/access; easy to set group permission)
    4. "Home base to organize documents for easy access/ retrieval" to be included in "best practices."
  3. Possible Tools (how easy: 3, 2, 1, ?)
    1. Usefulness of Survey Monkey as a scheduling tool?
    2. "Have tools with easy to set up accounts" using it as a differentiation criteria in our final decision.

5.Next steps  
  •  @Adrian Petrisor Sending Doodle poll for setting a 90 min. meeting.



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