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Agenda & Notes


Agenda item

1.Review action items from previous call
  • Having common management and support of any of the tools is needed
2.Team 1 (needs) presentation
  • Needs expressed all group: home base for where to put documents, collaborative editing.
  • Anomalies: not wanting to be on video, flexibility of choosing what works for group
  • Unmet: project management, data analysis
  • Issues:
    • privacy and security (not sure understand what issues people have) - might want to explore the need more and explore best practices; might also have to do with where is it appropriate to put university documents.
    • longevity/retention of documents/accessibility - what happens when somewhere leave? How is ownership managed?
    • Might include best practices. - is one guideline that final document goes on wiki
  •  Prioritize between met and unmet needs
3.Team 2 (current tools) presentation
  • pattern of collaborative tools and usage but some anxiety if it's the best way or if it's sanctioned?
  • is it the unofficial guideline that final
  • Google Docs/Drive, Zoom, UCSF wiki, email, Doodle.
4.Team 3 (additional tools) presentation
  • Haven't gotten so far yet.
  • Look into tools for emerging needs: project management and data analysis
5.Next steps
  • Look at needs and then tools currently used to see if any of them meet them. If not met by current tools, then look at the additional tools to see if they would meet needs. Recommend tool that best fits needs.
  • Will also need to include best practices in the final report.
  • Should include something about how to revisit both needs and the technology on a regular basis? Since both evolve.
  • Need to consider how the tools help working within the system as well as individual groups.
  • Split needs into critical and nice to have and then look at current tools and additional tools and see how they meet the needs. Rate tool for each individual need.
  • Next meeting we will rate tools.



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