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Agenda & Notes


Agenda item

1.Review action items from previous call
  • Type your task here, using "@" to assign to a user and "//" to select a due date
2.Discuss the needs for communication and collaboration that emerged from the interviews conducted so far.
  • Michael - one CKG took 6 months to set up their email list.  Technology set-up can take some time. Google docs very popular.  Some groups not sure if it's ok to use for UC-related work.  Is there opportunity for UC-wide acknowledgement of using Google docs?   Some confusion about best practices.  
  • Adrian - group editing (simultaneous) is useful.  CoUL's use of Box doesn't enable simultaneous editing.  Need for balance between privacy and need to be accessible to people.   Need for coordinated support for tools that we recommend.  Campus contacts, or small group of campuses with liaisons as experts for advice and help.  People liked zoom because it's intuitive.  Low barrier to usage is desired.
  • Lynne - "everything is great - why are you reviewing this question?"  (smile)  COUL needs are mostly being met.  Groups enjoy google docs, flexibility.  Would be nice to have a UC-only option for sharing rather than just campus-wide.  Email is still big.  Slack hasn't caught on.  The wiki is ok, some used it.  Not everyone has access to zoom yet at Berkeley.  
  • Annette - Comparable remarks to the others.  From CoUL, similar comments.  Noted some smaller collaborations that used google docs.  Google sheets limitation noted from another CKG.  One interviewee very well versed in technology options, others not as much.  Some good practices are out there, maybe can bring those out and broaden those.  Question of adoption practices – what if someone just doesn't want to use the technology – when support/training/availability is not a problem.
  • Julia - ASAG - use email.  Doesn't really operate as a functional group - more of a peer group to share info rather than solve specific issues.  Slack might be an idea for them to explore, but based on need/desire.  CoUL - mostly uses box and zoom.
  • Lisa - comparable notes to others in terms of CoUL and ASAG.  Desire for some common recommendations to come from this group so that there are some baseline expectations and something other than people's personal preferences to drive the groups' decisions about technology.
  • Julia - would be interested in knowing what each campus has access to.
3.Next steps 

Recommendations to split into sub-groups:

1 - consolidate group needs: Adrian, Annette

2 - consolidate list of tools currently used, along with their pros&cons  - Michael, Julia

3 - explore tools that were mentioned as being potentially useful, along with other tools out there that may serve the UCLAS groups' needs: Lisa, Lynne

Goal: come back next week to review results and determine what next steps are, based on the data.

All: make sure interview data is entered ASAP.


  •  Adrian - poll list of IT directors to see what technology is available to various libraries. (through LTAG listserv)
  •  Lisa - checking to see what's going on at the system level to see if there are common tools being discussed. Using interview questions already scoped to keep the investigation focused.

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