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Agenda & Notes


Agenda item

1.What interviews have been conducted so far?
  •  Went around the group, sharing which interviews were done and yet to do.
  • We should be done with all interviews by end of next week
  •  Type your task here, using "@" to assign to a user and "//" to select a due date
2.What were the communication and collaboration tools that came up most frequently during the interviews? What were their pros and cons?
  •  So far gdrive is the common tool for document collaboration, Zoom for video conferencing.
  • Other things mentioned: listservs for email, Slack for real time communication
  •  Should we ask if there are problems they are having outside of tools (in case there things they want to do and haven’t found a tool that can do it), That is, are there barriers that are getting in the way of completely projects?  Perhaps add this to future interviews?
3.What status report should be presented on the DOC call next week?

We are almost done with interview phase, next steps to review data and compare needs and features of tools to see if we can find any trends.  Say it isn’t only about the tools but the social engineering.

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