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Agenda & Notes


Agenda item

1.Review action items from previous call

Action Items from previous call have been taken care of



2.Meeting notes and note takers 
  • Notes should be brief focusing on decisions and Actions.
  •  Rotate meeting minutes by alphabetical order of first initial

(Annette took notes this meeting)

3.Review list of groups to be interviewed and schedule; make assignments 
  • CKGs Removed Cataloging and Metadata from List. Leaving 6 total
  • All else was agreed to:
    • 2 Project Teams: DAMS and Future of UC Resource Sharing, phase 2
    • ULs of Team members campuses
    • ASAG members
  •  Adrian will provide list of ASAG members

Finalize list of interview questions

  • Discussed use of phrase "since inception." History questions expand beyond current tools. why they switched. But history may include outdated tools.
  • Need process for collecting interview transcriptions

  • Narrowed historical span of committee knowledge to latest 2-3 years
  • Reduced number of questions (combined collaborative/communication questions set). Resolved related issues, ie amount of time for interviews.
  • Finish interviews in two weeks.
  • Assessing questions should be a group task to be discussed later
  •  Adrian and Annette updated questions during the meeting.
  • Adrian is compiling a list of interviewee groups/names to add to wiki by Monday;
    • All check on Tuesday to sign up.
  • Michael will write an introduction for us, why group was created & expected outcome
  • Annette will create a Collect form using Google Forms. Form link:
5Friday, March 31st is Holiday  
  • Adrian will send new doodle poll to reschedule.
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