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Agenda & Notes


Agenda item





2.Review of charge
  • Suggestion: try to extend the deadline, preferably 2 months from the time when the group meets for the first time
  • Q: Are the UCLAS groups aware of this team? A: No
  • Some expenses for technologies needed could be covered through DOC budget

Determine project scope

  • We will reach out to SCLG, CKGs and project teams
  • Teams of 2 team members will do phone interviews/surveys with each group identified
  • Julia and Adrian will suggest a list of 5 active CKGs to be contacted
  • Michael will suggest two project teams to be contacted
  • Michael will ask DOC if we should also contact CoUL and ASAG
4.Determine deliverables
  • Google Apps and other similar technologies may present challenges related to access from certain campuses
  •  In addition to what is specified in the charge, will provide a comparison of the recommended tools, with pros & cons
  •  Lisa asked question about the desired scale of recommended solutions; Michael will ask DOC about it
5.Establish schedule and milestones  



Frequency of meetings


  •  We will meet weekly
  • Lisa will create wiki space for our team
7.Next steps   

Post meeting:

  • New deadline approved by DOC: May 12th, 2017
  • DOC's response re. the scale of recommended solutions: "Is it expected that the Project Team recommendation would be limited to existing / comprehensive solutions (e.g. Atlassian suites of tools, etc.), as opposed to the large scale implementation, such as Google Apps which may require mass-creation of Google accounts? —-> "I would leave it up to the team to set its own boundaries. While it is a waste to investigate and recommend a system that is far too costly or complex for the UC Libraries to ever adapt, pushing the boundaries could lead to genuine innovation.”  “I think your needs assessment should guide your decision about what solutions to include. A menu of options are good, so if you do recommend a significant (complex, expensive, expansive) option, I would also give alternatives.” "
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