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Jan 2th, 2017



Responding to the directive of the UC Direction & Oversight Committee (DOC), assess and recommend a common suite of highly functional online tools for collaboration and communication that meet the needs and use patterns of the UC Library Advisory Structure (UCLAS) groups.



In 2015, DOC made a recommendation to the Council of University Librarians (CoUL) about providing support for common tools to provide collaborative working and discussion space for DOC, CKGs, etc. Examples of such collaborative tools are wikis, blogs, discussion lists, chat, calendaring, and web conferencing.

In order to promote and facilitate collaboration within UCLAS groups, it is crucial to provide access to a common suite of secure, reliable, and highly functional tools in areas such as file sharing, content management, instant messaging, video conferencing, and group email list management. The tools should be ubiquitous and not tied to a specific campus or individual. A central and shared suite of collaborative tools is an essential element to ensure successful cross-campus work. Support of technology that enables effective and productive collaborative work serves to encourage information exchange. Shared familiarity with the features of those common tools enables greater efficiency.



To meet the objective of this charge, the project team will perform the following activities:

  • Conduct a needs assessment and environmental scan of UCLAS groups to determine what tools they are currently using and what tasks they need help with, in order to do effective work for the UCLAS structure.
  • Based on the compiled needs list, survey the tools of collaboration and communication, for different UCLAS groups to determine if they would meet the communication and collaboration needs.
  • Identify the tool(s) that best meet the UCLAS groups’ needs.
  • Recommend a suite of tools that best meet UCLAS groups’ needs.



  • Recommend a tool or a suite of tools for collaboration and communication that best meet the needs of UCLAS groups. 
  • Provide a document that with guidelines on how to use those tools.



Reporting to the DOC, the team charged to undertake this assessment should comprise individuals with considerable technical expertise from the UC Libraries and from CDL.

Adrian Petrisor (UCI) will chair the group. Julia Kochi (UCSF) will provide her expertise on the UCSF Wiki.  A representative from two CKGs will serve as team members. Other membership will be solicited and approved by DOC, as needed. Michael Kim (UCSB) will serve as the DOC Liaison to this Project Team.  


Timeline and Process:

Full participation on this team is estimated to require approximately .2 FTE of each member’s time. The work of the project team should be completed in approximately 2 months, with a report deadline of May 12, 2017.

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