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, Conference Call, 1-2:30 pm

Conference Call Instructions



  • Finalize details and agenda for January joint meeting with RMC (Records Managers Committee) – January 25, 2017 in San Francisco
  • Continue discussions

Discussion items


Thank you Laura!

  • Marlayna will identify someone for minutes at January meeting.

Welcome & Announcements



UCAC website – call for web editor

Marlayna Christensen


  • Need to take a look and see if anything can be deleted, cleaned up
  • Teresa will do this
  • Have this be a rotating position. See how much workload is involved. Follow up with this in a couple of meetings
  • ACTION ITEM: Marlayna will get Teresa set up with editing rights.


5minEstablish regular time for conference callMarlayna Christensen
  • Bi-monthly rotation beginning with our January meeting (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov)
  • Fourth Wed of the month, 1:00pm
5minRecord Managers Committee – update


  • Retention Schedule batches
  • RMP
    • currently working on RMP 7 (Protection of Administrative Records containing Personally Identifiable Information) – comments by December 15
  • On-site meeting at UCSF


  • Had call this morning
  • RM wants to know how we treat PII when we receive it, will discuss more in Jan meeting
  • Let Marlayna know if you have questions RMP document, she'll pass it on
  • Charge states that the chair is the liaison unless otherwise designated. If it's someone else, should be rotating. Kevin will consider taking this on. Marlayna and Kevin to chat more about it
  • ACTION: Polina to ask Brenda about breakfast/lunch
  • Anyone calling in? Heather may be
10minCKG update
  • Minor spelling/editorial changes
  • Decided to make closed CKG
  • ACTION ITEM: Marlayna to make further revisions, send it out for final approval

Discussion Topics


January meeting agenda


January 25, 2017

UCSF’s Mission Bay campus

Travel Information


  • How to manage research data
  • Collection development policies
  • Develop training on RM issues
  • Planning events/displays for the UC Sesquicentennial (2018)
  • Born digital materials
    • how are records managers dealing with born digital records?
    • what are they telling units to do with these records?
    • share challenges, sucess stories, etc.
  • General conversations
    • how to support one another (ensure campus records are well managed)
    • ensure historical material is getting funneled to the archives
    • ensuring the rest is disposed/kept systematically

Meeting in January:

  • RMs very excited for joint meeting. They have it twice a year. Hopefully we can meet at least once a year
  • ACTION ITEM: Marlayna and Polina to discuss details for meeting with RM for UCOP
  • Topics to prioritize: born digital; research data; diverse content management/ERMS systems throughout each campus; RMs closely working with legal and public information requests?; general conversations
    • Big three:Born dig, research data, and general conversations
  • Our own topics: Sesquicentennial plans- how to commemorate? – online exhibit on Calisphere?

Creating a unified copyright notice for AR collections (university records)

Heather Briston

  • Come up with boilerplate language for copyright statements in finding aids. Could be adjusted for each campus's/collection's needs. Collect what we're using now.
  • ACTION: Polina to set up wiki page and everyone contribute copyright statement for records and faculty papers
15minUC Sesquicentennial Plans
  • How to commemorate? – online exhibit on Calisphere?
  • What's UCOP's role and involvement? They have great marketing dept
  • ACTION ITEM: Marlayna to send email to listserv, get ideas for this
  • ACTION ITEM: Kevin to contact UCOP to get more info
  • Berkeley: Kathi made member of sesquicentennial committee, internal to Berkeley. They've had one meeting. Lots of subcommittees

Digital Asset Management Systems

Kevin C Miller
  • Wants feedback on the document created which includes all campus's DAMS, finding aid platforms, etc.
  • CDL has been contacting campuses to learn how they can improve their services/add to their services
  • Make available to born digital CKG --Kevin to ask -- not for public
    • ACTION: Kevin ask listserv if okay to share
  • Need to update it, maintain it. Review regularly

University Publications – where & how to find them

  • Most pubs online
  • What's the best way to capture the publications?
  • Thinking of a survey to send to campuses
  • Archive-It capturing some of these, how to integrate into finding aids/catalogs?
  • How do we know what publications exist/are created? Is there a list?
  • Send survey to communications, they'll distribute to units, etc.
  • Could be part of QA for web archiving
  • ACTION: Marlayna and Polina to come up with questions

Action items

  • Marlayna to get editing rights for Teresa for UCAC site

  • Marlayna to send Outlook invite for regularly scheduled bi-monthly calls
  • Polina to ask Brenda about breakfast/lunch for January meeting
  • Marlayna to make further revisions to CKG charter, and will send it out for final approval
  • Marlayna and Polina to discuss details for January meeting with RM of UCOP
  • Copyright notice: Polina to set up wiki page and everyone contribute copyright statement for records and faculty papers
  • Sesquicentennial Plans: Marlayna to send email to listserv, get ideas for this
  • Sesquicentennial Plans: Kevin to contact UCOP to get more info
  • DAMS:  Kevin ask listserv if okay to share information with Born Digital CKG
  • University Archives Publications: Marlayna and Polina to come up with questions for survey

Agenda Building

  • Next meeting: January 25, UCSF
  • Minutes: Heather Briston
  • Topics:
    • UC Sesquicentennial Exhibit plans
    • Chron files
    • Retention schedule
    • Collection development policies

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