, Conference Call, 9-10:30 am

Conference Call Instructions


Members absent: Laura Uglean Jackson, Bergis Jules, Danelle Moon, 


  • Consider feasibility of January joint meeting with RMC (Records Managers Committee)
  • Continue discussions

Discussion items


Welcome & Announcements


UCSD is hiring an LA IV; over 120 applicants most are librarians. The number of applicants has been reduced to 40; there are five internal candidates.



5minUCAC website clean-up
  • Marlayna now has permission to edit the web site. She may be asking UCAC members for feedback and help.
  • UCAC members decided to keep meeting minutes on the wiki for the present and not post minutes to the web site.

Record Managers Committee

  • conference call
  • proposal for joint meeting (January, SF)
Marlayna Christensen

The RMC has a monthly call that Marlayna attends as UCAC Chair. We discussed the possibility of a joint RMC-UCAC meeting in San Francisco on January 25, 2017. There are many questions that affect both groups regarding access to and preservation of research data, especially medical data.

  • Marlayna will ask Laurie Sletton to invite UCAC as a group to attend.
  • Polina will share a UCSF flow chart and a link to a presentation by Katie Fortney on the ownership of research data.
  • UCAC should draft an agenda for the meeting by October 14 to help secure campus funding for members to attend.
  • Marlayna will share the minutes of the RMC calls.

Discussion Topics

20minArchiving email campus offices

No campuses at this time have developed procedures for archiving email. Some campus records managers are collecting Chancellor's correspondence. This may be another topic for a joint RMC-UCAC meeting. There are currently no procedures to transfer email to the University Archives. Currently no UCAC member has access to campus content management systems.

  • UCB – not archiving administrative email; most email is part of faculty papers that are considered to be manuscript collections.
  • UCD – in early stages of investigation; interest by Chancellor and Provost in library developing a solution.

Collecting policies

  • who has them?
  • how formal are they? 
Teresa Mora
  • UCSD – is in the process of developing an archives collecting policy.
  • UCSF – Polina will share the public policy at UCSF.
  • UCB – has a lib guide with transmittal information.
  • UCD – has a lib guide.

Transfer forms

  • upload to wiki

Teresa has created a folder on the wiki for examples of transmittal forms.


Web archiving

  • Collecting scope?
  • Policies or other documentation?
  • Discovery, access, (and preservation)?
  • Outreach and promotion?
Kevin C Miller
  • UCSF – doing web archiving since 2007; will be hiring a digital archivist who will be responsible for web archiving.
  • UCB – archiving Academic Senate and statewide LAUC sites; doing web archiving since 2009.
  • UCSD – just hired digital archivist who is responsible for technical aspects; selectors responsible for selecting sites to be crawled.
  • UCSC – selectors are responsible for selecting sites to be crawled.
  • UCM – Digital Assets is archiving domain.

Agenda Building

  • Next call: November 30, 1-2:30pm
  • Minutes: Laura Uglean Jackson
  • Topics:
    • Creating a unified copyright notice for AR collections (university records)
    • Agenda topics for face-to-face meeting (January 25 in SF)