, Conference Call, 1-2pm

Conference Call Instructions


Members absent: Heather Briston, Los Angeles


  • Meet each other
  • Define and identify tasks for re-establishing group
  • Begin working discussions

Discussion items


Welcome & Introductions

  • Be prepared to:
    • briefly introduce yourself
    • list 2 objectives you would like to see this group work on:
      • Marlayna Christensen: develop shared resources (forms, libguides, etc.); work with LAUC to develop archival guidelines/recommendations
      • Laura Uglean Jackson: discuss/find commonalities for working with campus records managers; ditto for working with Chancellor's Office to transfer records, especially born digital
  • Danelle Moon, serving as interim University Archivist, announced that UCSB is trying to fund the permanent University Archivist position.

Committee Framework

  • Chair/Vice-Chair positions 
    • rotation by campus
    • 1-year tenure (July – June)
  • establish regular time for meeting (doodle poll or set time)
    • face-to-face meeting at SAA?
  • convene informally or propose for CKG?
  • review prior charge and website – volunteers?
  • Website – volunteer to be web editor?
  • Members agreed: Chair and Vice-Chair positions will be 1-year appointments, rotating alphabetically by campus. Current chair is Marlayna Christensen (San Diego), making the next chair Polina Ilieva (San Francisco), who is currently serving as Vice-Chair in anticipation of the hand-off. Appointments begin in July and end in June, following he academic calendar.
  • Members agreed: formal quarterly conference calls (Doodle poll to follow) with an informal face-to-face meeting at SAA (ex. breakfast)
  • On the question of informal group vs. CKG, the members discussed the pros (official group reporting to CoUL, official support, and potential for funding requests) and cons (possible time commitment, bureaucracy). Two members who had chaired other CKGs reported minimal time requirements for basic operations, with time requirements scaling up only with group initiative and activities. 
  • ACTION: Marlayna Christensen and Jim Dooley agreed to co-investigate time requirements and expectations of standing up a CKG and report back to the group. Decision postponed.
  • ACTION: Review of existing UCAC website will be furthered through listserv discussion. Questions include should we divide up the review work? How will the UCAC website relate to/coexist with the our group's UCSF Wiki? Marlayna Christensen is also looking for a web editor for the UCAC site; this call will also be taken to the listserv. A summary of the history of UCAC (and its hiatus) accompanied this discussion (especially from Jim Dooley and Kathryn Neal).

Discussion Topics


Record Managers Committee

  • liaison to group needed – volunteer?
  • serves Ex Officio
  • upcoming face-to-face meeting in Santa Barbara (June 21)
  • ACTION: Heather Briston is listed as the UC Archivists representative (ex officio member) on the system-wide Records Management Committee. She needs to step down from this position. Who would like to take her place? Marlayna Christensen will contact Laurie Sletten (UC wide records manager) to find out the time/work commitment and will report back to the group. Decision postponed.
10minTheses & Dissertations
  • Kevin Miller asked whether other University Archivists were directly involved with either born digital theses and dissertations (ETDs) or retroactive digitization of older print theses and dissertations. With the exception of Jim Dooley, who wears many hats at UC Merced, non of the UAs are directly involved with these initiatives; ETDs are handled by other units at their libraries. Like six other UCs, UC Davis would like to connect their ProQuest ingest process with the CDL/eScholarship Repository for OA ETDs. UCD is also looking at using the Google Book Digitization Project for digitizing pre-2010 print theses and dissertations.
10minWorking with Campus Records Manager
  • Laura Jackson recently connected with the UCI Records Manager through her involvement with Records Clean-up Day (shred fest). She asked other UAs about their interactions/partnerships with their respective records management personnel. Members reported generally positive experiences with good working relationships with records managers, with cross-attendance at events, meetings, or workshops, and tag-team approaches to collecting administrative records of enduring value. Bergis Jules currently has the responsibility of Records Management Coordinator himself, although he'd like to shift this to a new hire position, possibly within the library.
 10min Archiving email from Chancellor's office/Deans
  • ACTION: This discussion had to be postponed due to time, either to the next call or the listserv 

Action items

Agenda Building

  • Record Managers Committee update