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CDL and JSC (Joint Steering Committee for Shared Collections) Survey

Each year, CDL & the JSC organize a survey to solicit recommendations from UC Libraries and Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs) for potential systemwide resource purchases. 
More information is available here: https://cdlib.org/groups/jsc/surveys/

Fall 2023

  • Survey timeline: survey circulates September 11, 2023
  • Deadline to submit resources/vote is October 6, 2023 (We are submitting Sept 27 due to Jenna going on leave)
  • Google Doc of action items for all to vote on: https://tinyurl.com/jsc-2023-truncated 
  • Resource Wishlist: https://tinyurl.com/jsc-resources-2023 [carried forward from 22/23 AY since we didn't get either resource]
  • NEW change: the survey will now be administered every TWO years, rather than every year (next survey: Fall 2025)

Fall 2022

Art & Architecture CKG Charter (revised April 2016)

A&A CKG membership (Last Updated: September 2022)

UC BerkeleyLynn Cunningham, David Eifler

UC Davis

Belen Fernandez, Dan Goldstein
UC IrvineJenna Dufour, Chair
UCLAAllison Benedetti, Robert Gore, 
Ashley Peterson
UC MercedJim Dooley, Jerrold Shiroma

UC Riverside

Carla Arbagey
UC San DiegoLia Friedman 
UC Santa BarbaraChizu Morihara, Past Chair
UC Santa CruzAnnette Marines
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