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The Triton release will be the public launch of Calisphere BETA.

Target date:

  • September 2, 2015 for completing major development work
  • Week of September 8, 2015 for release meeting, followed by tweaks / fixes, re-index, etc.
  • September 15, 2015 for release announcements

Requirements for public release:

The project team aims to meet the following remaining requirements–roughly in priority order--before the public release. However, our ability to implement remaining features depends in part on new issues that come in through soft launch testing. If we are not able to meet all of these requirements we will consult with stakeholders to determine priorities and whether the site is ready or the launch date should be moved back.

 In addition to implementing new features and eliminating bugs in the UI, we will work with content contributors on fixing any data issues and re-harvesting as needed before the public release. 

Fix identified filter "freeze" issueInvestigate and solve cancelled pjax requests issueAmy 
Build out remaining search-related functionality like "back to search results" link in carouselCreate a query manager object in javascriptAmy 
 Implement related functionalityAmy 
Refinements to complex object interaction designUX design tweaks, especially for objects without a parent level fileJane 
 Keep the user at their place on the page when component is selectedAmy 
Create nicer looking, persistent URLsSolr schema changesMark 
UX tweaks sitewideMeeting with Amy, Sherri, Joel, Jane to go over "the list"Jane 
 A game plan/instructions for Glenn Randle re: format iconsJane 
 Small copy changes and graphic design changes on home, static pagesSherri 
Mobile / tablet optimizationTasks / instructions for heuristic walkthroughJane 
 "BYOD" (bring-your-own-device) Day for all team membersJane 
 Complex object design for mobileJane 
 Implementation of identified issuesJoel 
Place Google Analytics tracking code site wideDetermine events to trackSherri 
 Apply codeBrian 
Place contributor tracking code on objectsCreate "institution" and "collection" variablesBrian 
 Communicate with institutions to create, send, and apply codeAdrian / Sherri 
Reduce server errors / enable collection ordering A-ZSwitch registry_data to regristry_url everywhere but filtersAmy 
 Implement collection ordering A-ZAmy 
Institution information appears for non-UC contributorsImport into OAC database and pull it inMark 
Contact owner button works (fallback: links to institution page)Hook it up with logic so it finds the email addressesAmy / Barbara 
 Spam filterBrian 
 Copy and style refinementSherri 
Download Nuxeo files, texts at minimum / images if possibleTesting to identify any issues with file extension / using different browsersBrian 
 Implement for imagesAmy 
Improved relevancy ranking for search resultsDefault to "and" for multiple wordsBrian 
Related collections on item pageConstruct Solr queryBrian 
 Implement in UIAmy 
Search result sort A-ZSolr schema changesMark 
 Implement in UIAmy 
Search result sort by dateSolr schema changesMark 
 Implement in UI, requires some logicAmy 
↓ depends on user feedback / may fall after public release ↓   
Auto-complete filters   
User experience testing for mobile   
Complex object usability testing and additional refinement   
Sticky collections for institution pages   
Additional institution page header refinements   
Suggested searches for collection search   
Spelling correction   
Map "physical objects" to "images"?   
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