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The Triton release will be the public launch of Calisphere BETA.

Target dates

  • September 2, 2015 for completing major development work and release meeting
  • Week of September 8, 2015 for tweaks / fixes, re-index, etc.
  • Around September 15, 2015 for release announcements

Requirements - updated 8/12/15

The following table provides a high-level view of the known features and issues around the Calisphere BETA site, which have been identified by the project team and by our campus partners during the soft launch/QA period. We've prioritized the issues and desired functionality, with an eye towards releasing the best possible product for end users on the shortest possible timeline. Generally speaking, we use the following criteria for prioritization:

  • Is something flat-out broken?
  • Is something so problematic in the user interface that it prevents access to items?
  • Does it affect a large amount of items or collections?
  • Is the fix sustainable?

 (warning) We welcome your additional input. If you have concerns about the priorities as represented here and/or have a "showstopper" for public access that is not listed as required, please let us know by Friday, August 21.



Must complete for release; essential for public access

Workin' on it:

Possible for release; actively underway but not essential for public access.

Harvest and metadata
  • All collections that have been designated for harvest (i.e., all the ones listed here) appear on the site.
  • Metadata is readable and polished (e.g. no extraneous characters are displayed).
  • Individual failed objects from various collections are fixed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Mapping adjustments and harvest of additional metadata fields are addressed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Objects with special characters that are not displaying correctly are identified and resolved on a case-by-case basis
  • UCSF Tobacco Library collections have been re-harvested from their new platform.
Sitewide display and functionality
  • All pages are present with no known broken links.
  • URLs are nice-looking and persistent.
  • All image objects--including complex objects harvested from Nuxeo--have a thumbnail/representational image.
  • Better design has been implemented so non-image objects don't appear broken or obscured.
  • Site speed and performance are acceptable.
  • Site behaves as expected on a mobile device.
  • Google Analytics reporting enabled for CDL and contributors.
  • PDF-type text objects harvested from Nuxeo have thumbnails.
  • Collections without any objects with thumbnails have a better UX solution for collection "mosaics" than just a stack of format icons.
  • Sitewide tweaks to labeling, counts, etc. on a case-by-case basis to continue to improve user experience
  • All images featured on the homepage are in fact on the site.
  • Campuses "shuffle" (reorder) on the homepage on refresh or nightly.
  • Alternative "lock-ups" (top three images) are designed and rotate on refresh or nightly.
Campus/institution and collection pages
  • Contact information appears for all campuses and institutions.
  • Descriptions appear for all institutions and collections for which they have been provided.
  • Collections sort A-Z within an institution/campus page.
  • Institutions sort A-Z on the institution directory.
  • "Sticky" collections appear on institution landing pages (selected 3-5 collections rise to the top).
  • Tweaks to the default ordering of objects within collection pages and mosaics to privilege objects with thumbnail.
Search functionality
  • Filters, list view, related collections, and mouseover object title work
  • Search with multiple keywords uses "and" instead of "or" to improve relevancy
  • Sort (A-Z and/or date) is available.
  • "View all" available and better pagination behavior to avoid gaps in thumbnail tiling.
Object-level display and functionality
  • Complex objects redesigned for better UX (e.g. parent-level file as a "cover page").
  • Texts harvested from Nuxeo are downloadable.
  • Carousel displays correct related objects depending on user's path through site.
  • Related collections display.
  • "Contact owner" button links to the institution landing page at minimum.
  • Share buttons work.
  • "Contact owner" button directly emails the institution.
  • Images harvested from Nuxeo are downloadable.



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