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  • Highlander / Soft Launch Release Notes

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Soft launch goals

  • To demonstrate the success of the UCLDC platform/Calisphere BETA site for the aggregation and exposure of content from all sources, including the Nuxeo Shared DAMS.
  • To provide UC Libraries stakeholders with an initial view of the beta site, so they can see how content and metadata will be displayed and discoverable on it.
  • To enable UC Libraries stakeholders to perform data review and testing of the beta site in advance of its public release later this summer.

What's done

Collections are in! A whole lot of them.

We've successfully harvested 99% of all identified collections for this phase. The following collections are appearing on the beta site:

  • All "externally" hosted collections (i.e. on platforms managed by the libraries, like UCSD's DAMS or CONTENTdm)
  • Almost* all identified simple and complex object collections in Nuxeo
  • All OAC collections

*For status of specific collections, see: Harvest/crawl collections list. We're continuing to queue collections and working with campus partners on encountered issues.

The website is almost fully built!
  • All pages are present with no known broken links
  • Thumbnails and format icons are coming through for all objects
  • All search features are available except sort
  • Simple image objects harvested from Nuxeo are viewable / zoomable / playable
  • Complex objects harvested from Nuxeo are viewable and display both parent and component level files and metadata; user interaction and styles are still being refined

What's still in process

  • Harvest of remaining identified collections from the Nuxeo DAMS. For status, see: Harvest/crawl collections list. We're continuing to queue collections and working with campus partners on encountered issues. 
  • Refinement of user experience design for complex objects harvested from the Nuxeo DAMS.
  •  Download feature for texts and other objects harvested from the Nuxeo DAMS.
  • Contact owner button for all objects.
  • Improved relevancy ranking for search results.
  • "Auto-complete" filter functionality.
  • Sort (A-Z and date) on search results.
  • Featured/"sticky" collections available for institution pages.
  • Responsive behavior for some site elements.
  • Improved and more permanent URLs for objects.
  • Miscellaneous known user experience improvements and design tweaks.

What we need your help with

We will be working with the Product Stakeholder Group and Collection Administrators specifically to review collection data, but everyone is welcome to help test the site and provide feedback! Although we are happy to receive input on an ongoing basis, please note that major issues and data changes must be received by August 7; the site will essentially be "frozen" for the public launch as of August 21. For review deadlines and instructions, see the Product Stakeholder Group page.

  • Quality assurance and data checking: review your collections and metadata, test out the site, and report any wrong/missing information or issues encountered. 

  • Provide input on institution/collection page headers: if you're a collection owner, let us know if you want to add more here or change the information presented.

  • Feedback on targeted design elements: we'll be reaching out to stakeholders to help us refine the display of complex objects and make other user interaction design tweaks.
  • Defining a minimum viable product for public release: we'll be working with stakeholders to help us prioritize features and define an appropriate level of "readiness" for public eyes. We will, of course, continue improving upon the site after the public launch.
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