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Note taker: Matthew

Present: Adrian Petrisor, Michael Stuart, Matthew McKinley, Holly Eggleston, Tom Bustos, Michael Yonezawa

Absent: Dale Snapp, Jim Vanderveen, Colby Riggs, Shu Liu, Elizabeth McAulay, Tom Moon

Agenda & Notes

ItemSpeaker& TimeNotesDecisions & Actions

1. Attendance call

AP / 2 min  
2. Review of Action Items from Previous MeetingAP / 5 min 


3. Review of PM CKG activity at the end of 6 months; future of PM CKG

Everyone's thoughts In light of fact that:

1) Everyone is busy & participation in group has decreased
2) New Advisory Structure does not yet have place for CKGs

All / 15 min
  • Holly:
    • Good learning resource for 'formal' PM
    • Creating a network of PMs & having a space to bring and share issues is very valuable
  • Matthew
    • Still a young group and so value hasn't yet been fully realized
    • Helps with standardization of language & practices
  • Michael Stuart
    • Good chance to see how projects work across system/multiple campuses, not just local practices
    • Has a place but hasn't seen maximum value yet
  • Michael Yonezawa
    • Value in exchange of ideas 
    • Not as many 'practical' ideas to push up to SAG & less of a reciprocal relationship--CKG is in 'isolation'  
    • Either broaden to a general learning group or narrow to focus more on concrete objectives
  • Tom Bustos
    • Nothing tangible from group yet--outcomes may help prove usefulness of group

Adrian -- were resources pages helpful?

Matthew & Tom: found it helpful to learn & clarify PM concepts such as Scrum/Agile


  1. Continue as a list-serv to ask questions & consult with other PMS
  2. Exist as CKG but with less regular meetings
  3. Continue with regular meetings, but with another chair because Adrian has been doing it for a while

Everyone chose option B but many still want list-serv from option A


  1. Next meeting in October according to less frequent (quarterly) meeting preference. Awaiting word from Advisory Council on whether CKGs will continue and, if so, we will choose a new chair.


  •  Adrian Petrisor will schedule meeting for October and will stay on for chair for this meeting.
6. Future Agenda ItemsAll / 5 min  
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