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The Highlander release will be the "soft launch" of Calisphere BETA. The soft launch is a preview of our work so far on the beta site, for the internal audience of the UC Libraries. It has the following goals:

  • To demonstrate the success of the UCLDC platform/Calisphere BETA site for the aggregation and exposure of content from all sources, including the Nuxeo Shared DAMS.
  • To provide UC Libraries stakeholders with an initial view of the beta site, so they can see how content and metadata will be displayed and discoverable on it.
  • To enable UC Libraries stakeholders to perform data review and testing of the beta site in advance of its public release later this summer.

Target date:

We aim to send out a testing URL to campus partners within the first two weeks of July. We will have a better sense of the exact date as we make progress towards meeting the requirements below.

Requirements for soft launch:

Collections on the site

All simple object collections from Nuxeo that have been identified for public access are harvested and appearing on the site.
Selected complex object collections from Nuxeo (at least one from each campus) that have been identified for public access are harvested and appearing on the site.
All collections from other (non-Nuxeo) harvest targets that have been identified by the libraries for aggregation are harvested and appearing on the site.
All collections from the OAC are harvested and appearing on the site.

Site scope and functionality

All pages are present (although some may still have placeholder text for editorial sections, e.g. user help documentation)
There are no or very few known missing thumbnails for image objects. Format icons appear for non-image objects on all pages and views.
All search features are available (filters, list view, related collections, long title mouseover, etc.) except for sort.
There are no known broken links.
Simple image objects harvested from Nuxeo are viewable / zoomable in a viewer.
Simple A/V objects harvested from Nuxeo are playable in a player.
Complex objects harvested from Nuxeo are viewable, but may not be fully functional and may lack graphic design application.
Objects harvested from "external" (non-Nuxeo) locations reflect correct language (e.g. "view on OAC" vs. "play on contributor's site") and point to the correct destinations.

What won't be available at soft launch?

There are some features and functionality that most likely will not be present at the soft launch, but which we continue to implement in anticipation of providing public access to the beta site. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Graphic design application and viewer functionality for complex objects harvested from Nuxeo.
  • "Contact owner" and "get citation" buttons for all objects.
  • "Download image" button for image-objects harvested from Nuxeo.
  • Improved relevancy ranking for search results.
  • "Auto-complete" filter functionality.
  • Sort (A-Z and date) on search results.
  • Featured/"sticky" collections available for institution pages.
  • Responsive behavior for some site elements.
  • Miscellaneous known user experience improvements and design tweaks.
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