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Note taker: Lynne

Present:  Lynne Grigsby, Holly Eggleston, Adrian Petrisor, Matthew McKinley, Shu Liu, Thomas Bustos, Michael Yonezawa, Michael Stuart, Rob Daigle


Agenda & Notes

ItemSpeaker& TimeNotesDecisions & Actions

1. Attendance call

AP / 2 min  
2. Review of Action Items from Previous MeetingAP / 5 min 


  1. Agreed to give more time to pull together campus resources (see item 6)

3. GIS site redesign at UCSD - project overview


MS / 15 min

Michael Stuart gave a interesting talk on the project management approach used by IT unit.

Questions and discussion followed.


  1. Presentations either be a discussion of Project Management practices at your campus/unit or about a specific project.  If a specific project it includes project manage approach, lessons learned, challenges, and results.


4. UC Publication Management System - project overviewAP / 15 minDeferred till next meeting


  1. Deferred till next meeting
5. How to promote importance of PM to staff/libraries (continuation of discussion)AP / 10 min

Deferred till next meeting

Discussed so far:

  • Putting together content for staff, but not sure how interested people are.
  • Gap between what people think PM is and what it actually is.
  • Percieved as theoretical, not practical
  • Percieved as needing too much overhead (no planning, go straight to the work)
  • Might be telling in trying to recruit for this CKG


  1. Deferred till next meeting
6. Other PM Resources at UCAll / 5 min 


  1. If you can't find campus resources please note that in the minutes here that none were found.  If you find them, please note them also.


  • EVERYONE: assess groups at their campuses and identify web pages for groups related to PM
7. Future Agenda ItemsAll / 5 min
  • Specific suggestions for case study projects:
    • Michael: UCR Library Website Design (in process)
    • Holly: available to present after June
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