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Note taker: Adrian

Absent: Colby, Elizabeth, Holly, Jim, Tom B and Tom M

Agenda & Notes

ItemSpeaker& TimeNotesDecisions & Actions

1. Attendance call

AP / 2 min  
2. Review of Action Items from Previous MeetingAP / 5 min 


  1. No changes/additions needed for now.
3. Project management certificationsAP, LG / 15 min
  • Q1: How important would be in the hiring process the fact that a candidate has a PM certification?
  • A1: Experience is much more important
  • Q2: Which of the certifications are more valuable?
  • A2: Each of them has its strengths and it is valuable for certain circumstances
  • Q3: What advice would we give to someone new to project management or their work doesn't involve much project management?
  • A3: Read PM literature, join a PMI local chapter, attend PM webinars and conferences




4. Day of month for the conference calls /


  1. The majority of the members preferred the third Thursday of the month instead of the second Thursday


5. Future Agenda ItemsAP / 5 min
  • It was suggested to have the CKG members present project stories. Examples: UCLDC, Dash, UC Publication Management System
  •  UCOP Project Management Group

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