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Note taker: Adrian

Absent: Elizabeth, Jim

Agenda & Notes

ItemSpeaker& TimeNotesDecisions & Actions

1. Introductions (including the reason and expectations of joining PM CKG)

All / 10 min  
2. Review of the charter of our groupAP / 15 min
  • The group did not have comments or requests for changes to the charter.


  1. No changes/additions needed for now.
3. Discussion (and update) of the Conference Call Ground RulesAP / 10 min
  • A new ground rule has been added: The note taker role will rotate among all PMCKG members by first name.


4. Wiki space walkthroughAP / 15 min 


  • Adrian Petrisor will add 'Best practices in Project Management' page under 'Project Management Resources'
  • Adrian Petrisor will add 'Successful UC Projects' wiki page
5. Next stepsAP / 5 min




6. Future Agenda ItemsAP / 5 min

Add to Agenda :

  1. UCOP PM group (Holly)
  2. PMP certification (Colby, Lynne, Adrian)
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