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  • Statistics CKG Proposal (March 14, 2014)
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Summary and Background

The UC Library Statistics CKG is composed of librarians/staff in the UC system who collect and report library statistics. The UC Library Statistics CKG communicates with the UCL Advisory Structure and the CoUL on an as-needed basis. It can make decisions on issues around how the work is done, but not the results of the work.

Scope of work

Share best practices related to:

  • Annual Library Statistics Report to UCOP
  • ARL reporting
  • Any other campus statistics reporting
  • Assessment activities that use library statistics
  • Risk management issues, including unit values & capitalization of collections

Stakeholders for the Statistics CKG include:

  • ASAG
  • CoUL
  • Risk management
  • Campus accounting
  • SAG3 and the Collection Licensing subgroup  
  • Annual statistics preparers

Key responsibilities

  1. Gather and share information about best practices for statistics collection at UC, including current issues, potential opportunities, new methods or technologies, and local campus developments and initiatives.
  2. Explore practices and methodologies for library statistics collection at other institutions.
  3. Receive and discuss ideas from various UC constituents, including risk management, auditing, CoUL, etc., for assessing potential for new products and/or methods, and make recommendations.
  4. Communicate and respond to queries and requests received from relevant SAGs.
  5. Maintain an email list for use by the CKG which is open to all interested UCL staff, regardless of their membership in the CKG.
  6. Send an annual report to the Coordinating Committee detailing their activities during the past fiscal year.

Membership and Term of Appointment

Ideally there is a member from each campus, with members taking turns being the chair of the group for one or two years. This is a standing group, and membership terms are not limited. Founding members (listed alphabetically) are:

  • Cindy Firenzi, UCSC
  • Gail Ford, UCB
  • Chan Li, CDL
  • Joanne Miller, CDL
  • Stacy Nelson, UCSD
  • Debbie Ojakangas, UCD
  • Kevin Ruminson, UCI

Communication responsibilities

The Statistics CKG’s communication responsibilities are to:

  1. Communicate directly with and receive communications primarily from ASAG, and any SAG whose functional area overlaps with the work of the Statistics CKG.
  2. Post and maintain a historical record of meeting minutes and reports, making them available to the UCL Advisory Structure.
  3. Send suggestions for developing new ideas, services, or to improve existing operations, services, or practices to ASAG, and any relevant of SAG.


The Statistics CDK will meet quarterly, via teleconference, with additional meetings scheduled as needed, and irregular communication via an established mailing list.


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