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Our process

UCLDC development work is staged as a series of releases and sprints. Releases are approximately quarterly; sprints are one week.

Code names are typical for Agile-managed projects, to reduce confusion in versioning. We have named our releases after UC campus mascots and nicknames.

ReleasePagesDid you know?
Project planning (Summer 2013)N/A
Aggie (Fall 2013)The mascot for the UC Davis Aggies is a thoroughbred mustang named Gunrock (learn more).
Anteater (Winter 2014)
"Zot!"–the sound an anteater is imagined to make when attacking its prey--is UC Irvine's battle cry (learn more).
Banana Slug (Summer 2014)
When the UC Santa Cruz men's tennis team played in the NCAA championships, their t-shirts read: "Banana Slugs-No Known Predators"  (learn more).
Bear (Fall 2014)
UC Berkeley used to have live bear cubs on the sidelines at football games (learn more).
Bobcat (Winter 2014)
A real bobcat became the official mascot for UC Merced after it was abandoned at the gate of the Applegate Zoo (learn more).
Bruin (January 2014)
A bruin is an old English word for the brown bear. Like UC Berkeley, UCLA used to have live bears on the football field (learn more).
CaduceusSince UC San Francisco doesn't have a campus nickname, we took the liberty of inventing one.
GauchoAlthough a gaucho is an Argentine cowboy, "Gaucho Joe" is a fellow who in the 1980s ran around UC Santa Barbara basketball games, wearing "white jeans and a Batman muscle T-shirt, yelling like crazy" (learn more).
Highlander(fun fact coming soon)
Triton(fun fact coming soon)
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