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  • 2013 10/3 - 10/23 Sprint Task List

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DAMSNail down what we want users to see when they log in, e.g. view and directory structureAdrian 
 Implement any changes to Nuxeo UI to reflect aboveBrian 
 Sketch out a load schedule/profile clusters for Nuxeo with UCB staffBrian 
 Test load content on stage through ETL process (platform importer)Brian 
 Add representative content from as many campuses as possibleAdrian 
 Send hard drive to UCSCSherri 
Collection RegistryRefine the Read-Only UI so it is "prime time" ready Mark/Amy/Sherri 
 Verify data model and what data is actually there/where it's coming from Mark/Sherri/Adrian 
 Hookup the "login" functionality Mark/Amy 
 Make selected fields editable
 Follow up with Heather and Matt on digitization workflow fields for AggieSherri 
 Decide on how we need to indicate "status" for our own purposes (e.g. content in hand, etc.) and implement in UISherri 
 Take another pass at data currently in there and clean it up, as needed, for viewingAdrian 
 Take a pass at an accessibility test for CRMark 
Central Index/APIHarvest some content from eScholarship and/or WAS and have it appear in demo interfaceMark 
 Put the API on a production URL Mark 
 Develop a policy/disclaimer for the API and determine how to release thisSherri 
 Start to scope out the harvest API in consultation with UCLA, UCSB, and UCSD
Public InterfaceDetermine graphic design needs and resource requirementsSherri 
 Conduct a "literature review" of previous work related UX; unpack what can be applied to UCLDC and where there are still holesSherri 
General (cuts across components)Define who will have access to what at release / how broadly to circulate URLs / general communications strategySherri 
 Create documentation for the login workflow for both Nuxeo and Collection RegistrySherri/Adrian 
 Create documentation on what we are asking key campus staff to do at this point (ie Collection Registry data)Sherri/Adrian 
 Tackle any remaining/additional Shibboleth questions (as needed)Brian 
 Schedule Nuxeo trainingAdrian 
 Receive initial input from PSG on metadata schemeAdrian/Sherri 
 Create UCLDC email and Salesforce cases view for feedbackSherri 
 Set up production environmentsBrianDelivery of prod. from unix group
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