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  • 2013 10/3 - 10/23 Sprint brainstorm

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Blocker is production environment

  • Need ~1 week between receiving en. and setting it up

Back-up plan:

  • Use stage and limit exposure to PSG/SAG2; do camtasia demos





Remaining work for Aggie
 Nuxeo installed and configuredDone
 simple object model/doc type established
  • Really nail down what you see when you log in on oct 23 (Adrian)
  • For example Clean up object types that show up
  • For example Sub-directories for repositories/folder structure - what it looks like when you log

Some roles defined and account workflows established


Some representative content loaded in as "pilot" (or more if we can)

  • Get directory structure set up first
  • Put representative content in there, in whatever way works
 Some documentation provided on entering and using the system, e.g. "quick start guide"

This is sprint task (Adrian and Sherri)

  • What CAN people do at this point
  • What are we Asking people to do at this point
  • Defining who those people are + process for getting new accounts
  • also - login workflow
Public Interface

Controlled vocabularies understood and prioritized for development

(Will not tackle by release - needs PSG input)
 Simple vocabularies in place and a plan for managing the more complex ones(Will not tackle by release - needs PSG input)

Resource plan developed; includes web production, interaction design, graphic design

Made progress in figuring out staffing

  • Try to figure out graphic design needs and budget

"Literature review" of previous work and user research is conducted and understood within UCLDC context

  • do this
Collection Registry

Data model is established and some collection information is present

Baseline model Done

Get Registry to the point of being actually editable

Figure out for sure what has to go in there in the way of digitization pipeline


Shibboleth is configured and working for campuses

Our work here is done(ish) - as needed on campus-by-campus basis

A workflow for non-digitized collections has been considered

Central Index API

The index reflects changes made to the collection registry within a given time

(Will not tackle by release)

More collections are being crawled / harvested

Try for eScholarship and/or WAS

Some facets and/or thumbnails are displayed


The first version of the API is available

Put this on a production URL

Develop a description/policy for this - Katie Fortney/Sherri task

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