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  • 2013 9/12 - 10/2 Sprint Demo Notes

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  1. Checklist of completed tasks + any additional work completed

  2. Demos and walkthroughs:
    1. Collection Registry UI: wireframes | registry-dev
      1. URL for being logged in
      2. Language questions for stakeholders, e.g. "repository"
      3. Removing "type" of collection 
      4. Communications: reminding staff that this will be iterative, including addition of data
    2. Product stakeholder group roster, workspace and feedback cycle
    3. Nuxeo training syllabus
      1. Richard has already weighed in
      2. Patrick provided input on reporting module - we can see this in C-Space as well
    4. Digital assets on the server! (you can SSH this or trust that they are there)
    5. "Login picker"
      1. We will have to hard code this so UCLA appears alpha in the list (instead of at the bottom)
    6. Stanbol:
    7. Anything to demo from UCB?

  3. Updates / misc.
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