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March 31, 2015Project team members and UCSD staff jump for harvest joy at the base of the famous Sun God.
February 11, 2015Developer Amy Wieliczka considers pagination logic for the new Calisphere site.
January 5, 2015Back in the saddle! Web Production Manager Eric Satzman and Technical Lead Brian Tingle discuss infrastructure for the new Calisphere site.
September 29, 2014UC Riverside Library staff dive into the Nuxeo DAMS.
July 8, 2014The DAMS is live!
March 13, 2014One of the first files and metadata in the digital asset management system!
January 14, 2014Product Stakeholder Group members participate in an exercise to help determine public interface development priorities.
November 19, 2013Brian sketches out a model for batch-loading collections into the DAMS.
October 23, 2013Project Team members demo features of the first UCLDC release, Aggie.
September 25, 2013Sketching wireframes for the Collection Registry.
September 16, 2013A screen capture of the draft metadata model in the Nuxeo DAMS interface!
September 4, 2013Patrick Schmitz demonstrates the use of controlled vocabularies in the UCB project CollectionSpace to other UCLDC Project Team members.
August 19, 2013DAM!: Project team members Brian and Adrian snatched up some cheeky project-related buttons at the Society of American Archivists conference.
August 5, 2013

Mailing hard drives to campus libraries in order to obtain files and metadata for the DAMS.





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