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  • 2013 9/12 - 10/2 Task List

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Community building / process / organizationFinalize Product Stakeholder Group (PSG) membershipSherri 
 Establish a formal process/feedback loop for PSGSherri 
 Schedule and scope for a kick-off meeting/"orientation" for PSGSherri 
 Research techniques to improve process - e.g. "burn up" vs "burn down" listMark/Sherri/Brian 
Nuxeo trainingHave a date set and funding allocatedAdrianFunding
Metadata modelGet message out to PSG regarding metadata model feedback (object and collection level)AdrianPSG finalized
 Continue to research and test document type structuresAdrianTraining and consultation
Content loadingSketch out a load schedule/profile clusters for Nuxeo with UCB staffBrian 
 Obtain Halberstadt delicious food photos and METS from UC DavisBrian 
 Research Omeka exports in consultation with UCSFAdrian 
 Continue to receive and load collections from hard drivesBrian 
 Obtain and load Davis Yolo County aerial photo collection from MerrittAdrian 
 Test load content on stage through ETL processBrian/UCB


Nuxeo installation / configurationContinue to research Nuxeo configuration templates for easier upgradesBrianTraining and consultation
 Complete process of setting up stage environmentBrian 
 Start set-up of production environmentBrianDelivery of prod. from unix group
Collection registryEstablish collection registry fields/elements for digitization pipeline: AggieSherri 
 Create initial wireframe for collection record in Collection RegistrySherri 
 Create initial iteration of collection record for Collection RegistrySherri/Mark 
 Scope work for Amy in remaining sprint for AggieSherri/Brian 
HarvestingStart to scope out the harvest API in consultation with UCLA, UCSB, and UCSD - research Resource SyncMark 
Public interfaceDemo/start to assess potential of Stanbol to drive topics and facets for public interfaceMarkBuilding stanbol on ec2 - yuck!



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