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  • 2013 8/22 - 9/11 Sprint Demo Notes

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  1. Checklist of completed tasks
  2. Demos and walkthroughs:
    1. Metadata scheme - also translated to Nuxeo Studio and pushed to interface (UCLDC-doctype)
      1. descriptive and rights metadata mostly - technical TBD w stakeholder group
      2. no controlled vocabularies for name authorities, subjects (see below)
      3. next step to review with stakeholder group or subset
    2. Controlled vocabulary write-up - investigation of support
      1. next step to review options with stakeholder group, possibly SAG2 if this will push out our timeline
    3. Collection registry UI elements
      1. next step focus on interaction design
    4. Object view of harvested content
      1. thumbnails are only image - will need to obtain additional images if large display is requirement
      2. will know more about collections for harvest in meeting this week
  3. Updates
    1. product stakeholder group
    2. public interface timeline sketch: information architecture/wireframes in Jan-Mar 2014
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