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  • 2013 8/22 - 9/11 Sprint Checklist

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TopicTasksResponsibleDependenciesCompleted?Blockers for completion
Metadata modellingTighten up specs based on DPLA auditAdrian yes 

Define model (minus controlled vocabs) in Studio, push through to Nuxeo

Adrian mostlyneed training and consultation on building out doc type, object structure

Get it to a place where we could begin to solicit feedback in next sprint

Adrian yes 
Community building

Identify and confirm individuals for the Product Stakeholder Group

Sherri yes 
 Create an initial agenda/tasks for the PSGSherri noprogress made/general topics gathered but formal plan not created due to time restraints
DAMS loadingReceive hard drive from UC MercedSherri nochecking in during meeting tomorrow 9/12
 Load all content from hard drives and UC Davis's serversBriandisk spaceyes (except davis)change in how we'll obtain files from Halberstadt coll.
 Send hard drive to UCSFSherridisk spaceyes 
 Scope work and timeline with UCB staffBrian/Sherri noscheduling conflicts; contingency with model
 Figure out load command for batch metadataRichard mostlyexperimenting with different ETL tools
 Complete work on user stories and Nuxeo "unknowns"Richard TBD 
ShibbolethMake it possible for UCB (at minimum) to log into NuxeoBrian/Patrickbureaucracy


no - berkeley

bureaucracy/process for enabling Shibboleth
 Identify sponsor from each campus - LTAG?Brian/Sherri yes 
Nuxeo trainingHave a date set and funding allocatedAdrian nostill determining funding source
Aggie "packaging," communicationsCreate high level descriptions of Nuxeo and Collection RegistrySherri/Adrian yes 
 Create simple documentation on how to get into both systemsSherri/Adrian notime restraints
 Light UI tweaks to log in workflows, emails, landing pagesSherri/Adrian noprogress made, but become more elaborate task of general UI design throughout
Controlled vocabulariesCreate a write-up of "the world of controlled vocabs": what Nuxeo can support right away, what other options are available, and the effort/time requiredAdrian yes 
Public interfaceStart conversation with Rob V. about designers who can take modular/"tiles" approach (see yes 
 Figure out who is going to do interaction design and whether we need additional funds for thisSherri/Catherine yes 
CDL groups sync-upScope and hold the "summit"/series of meetingsSherri yes (summit scheduled for 9/28) 
 Give Matt P. access to Collection Registry and see if we can get initial feedback re: digitization workflowsSherri yes 
Solr index/API/harvestConfirm the list of collections for harvest and get new people up to speed (focus on harvest-only people)Sherri no - but conversations scheduled for this weekscheduling conflicts
 Make some progress on OAC/Calisphere collections - try OAI or some other way of grabbing stuffMark yes 
 Mock up a full metadata single object view in templatesMark yes 
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