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  • 2013 7/31 - 8/21 Sprint Demo Notes

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  1. Infrastructure

    1. Upgraded to 5.7.1 and subsequently 5.7.2
      1. Note there will be a new version every 6-8 weeks

  2. Workflow for setting up accounts

    1. Installed quota module on DAMS - to be used for login and stats
    2. Developed workflow for logins - here's what happens:

      1. User goes to Nuxeo URL and logs in with Shibboleth
      2. User arrives at empty personal workspace with very little storage, which amounts to inability to add new content
        1. Note there is no opening message to alert the user to where they are and what's going on - customization needed in future iterations
      3. CDL authorizes the user and adds the him/her to a group, which is currently at the campus level
        1. Note: we need some kind of alert or email to signal to us (CDL) that the user has accessed Nuxeo and needs group assignment
        2. Note: this authorization might be able to be performed by campus staff in a future iteration

      Collection Registry:
      1. User goes to CR URL and logs in with Shibboleth
      2. User arrives at page with notice that they have requested access
      3. Django sends email from user's email address to CDL (Salesforce/oacops)
        1. CDL receives notice user has logged in; authorizes user and assigns to "verified" group - automatically assigns to a campus (but we're not using that yet)
        2. User receives Salesforce/oacops notice that their request is being considered, and another email when ticket is closed/access is granted

  3. Registry data model

    1. Added "repository" facet to registry
    2. Added collection_type to ProvenancialCollection and changed name to "Collection"
    3. Made changes in registry go through to the Solr API - code now posts "repository"

  4. Solr index/harvest/API

    1. Created thumbnails from OAI harvest - note that for some campuses, the best we can do at this point is create a thumbnail of the webpage itself

    2. Used velocity templates to create demo of displaying harvested metadata/thumbnails: see


  5. Non-technical tasks (Adrian and Sherri's world)
    1. Defined a taxonomy of different collection types
    2. Populated the registry with repository info
    3. Associated some collections with repositories (to best of knowledge)
    4. Created proposal for Nuxeo/Studio training
    5. Sent out hard drives to campus reps
    6. Sent communication outlets and planned kick-off webinar

  6. Didn't get to:
    1. Light UI/language finessing for user-facing emails and landing pages (account workflow)
    2. Update of collection registry with most recent info on DAMS collections from campus contacts
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