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  • 2013 8/22 - 10/11 sprint plan brainstorm

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Here is a very random list of items I've noted that could potentially comprise the next sprint or two:

  • Crawling OAC collections
  • URL for Nuxeo (objects?) for crawling or reconciling with other collections or something I didn't quite understand that Brian said in the sprint demo
  • LOADING! (after disk space)
  • Metadata model
  • Reaching out to campus contacts re: crawl/harvest - present work so far? or just initial convos, go from there?
  • continued work on thumbnails (always and forever)
  • configuration templates for next time we upgrade Nuxeo


Where do we want to be in three weeks:

  • Metadata model stuff:
    • Tighten up metadata specs based on audit of DPLA - deliverable = document
    • Get the model defined on the wiki in Studio and push it through to Nuxeo - (set aside issues related to controlled vcoabularies)
    • (RELEASE goal: metadata model set - which means NEXT sprint starts feedback)
  • Constituent community stuff
    • Get Product Stakeholder group together
    • Create initial agenda/tasks for them
  • Loading:
    • Get hard drive back from Merced
    • Dependency: disk space
      • Get content from Davis
      • Load content from hard drives
      • Send hard drive to UCSF and back around for addtl content if needed
    • (UCB WORK PART HERE - discuss with them)
      • user stories?
      • load command for batch metadata? - figuring out the plumbing for batch
    • Have UCBers able to log in w/ Shib
  • Shibboleth
    • Identify and contact a campus sponsor for each campus - with assistance from PSG
      • So far: Irvine (Adrian P.), Berkeley (Patrick)
  • Nuxeo training
    • Have $ allocated and date set
    • (can they cover config templates?)
  • Documentation/packaging for release
    • High level descriptions of what Nuxeo and C.R. are and what they'll do there
    • Simple documentation on how to get in to both systems / light UI tweaks
    • (SHERRI AND ADRIAN: watch brian's screenr )
    • Note quesitons from webinar
  • Vocabularies
    • Framing: write-up of the world of controlled vocabularies - what we understand that 1) Nuxeo can support, 2) what else is possible for building out something else, and 3) the effort/time required for latter options
    • POSSIBLY SUBSEQUENT SPRINT: take the above write-up to PSG/SAG2 and come to consensus on what is needed and what we're going to support here
  • Public interface
    • Start conversation with Rob about known web designers who can work in modular/"tiles" approach
    • Figure out who is going to do interaction design - know if we need more funds for this and/or where they will come from
  • CDL groups sync-up
    • Scope what we're doing for this summit thing and have it/them
    • Give Matt P. access to CR and see if we can get initial feedback on dig workflows with respect to CR interface
  • Index:
    • Confirm list of collections for harvest and get new people (harvest-only) up to speed
    • Make some progress on OAC/Calisphere collections - try the OAI or some other way of grabbing stuff
    • Mockup a full metadata single object view from Solr
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