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There are three general types of spaces in Wiki@UCSF:

Space Type


How to Give a User Access

Permissions Structure


Accessible to anyone, no login required

No action necessary. Access is granted to all users, regardless of whether they are logged in.

Anonymous Access is turned on ('Anonymous' has at least View permissions in the space)

Login Required

Accessible to all Wiki@UCSF users who are logged in

Make sure the user can log in to the wiki (see Wiki Login section below). Any user who is logged in to the wiki will be able to see your space.

The 'confluence-users' group has at least View permissions in the space


Accessible only to certain Wiki@UCSF users you select

First, make sure the user can log in to the wiki (see Wiki Login section below). Then, add the user to a group or give individual user permissions (see Managing Permissions section below).

Only groups (not including 'confluence-users') and individual users have permissions in the space

Wiki Login

UCSF Faculty, Staff, and Students

All UCSF employees and students can log in to the wiki with their MyAccess account.  Users who have not activated their MyAccess account should click the 'New User?' link on the wiki login page.

Users who need assistance with their MyAccess user ID and password should:

  • use the links on the wiki login page; or
  • contact 415-514-4100 option 2 followed by option 1 from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday; or
  • send email to
Other Universities

We have implemented a system which allows users at other university campuses to log in to the wiki with their local campus equivalent of a MyAccess account. So far, we've added the following campuses:

  • Boston University
  • UC Berkeley
  • UC Davis
  • UC San Diego
  • UC Riverside

Scheduled to be added soon:

  • UC Los Angeles

For more information, please contact the Wiki@UCSF Administrators .

Guest Accounts

Users who are not entitled to a UCSF MyAccess account or a different university's equivalent may request a MyAccess guest account. The user should:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the 'Request A Guest Account' link
  3. Complete the form, making sure to select Wiki as the Sponsoring Group and mention the space name or space administrator name in the Reason field
  4. Click the Request Account button to submit the request

If a user has never logged in to the wiki before, he/she will not show up in your searches for the user. When a user logs into the wiki, a wiki identity is automatically created for the user, and then he/she will show up in searches and can be given access to your space.

Managing Permissions

In your space, go to the Browse menu (top right) and select Space Admin. Then select the Permissions link on the left side menu. There you'll see a list of all the types of users who can access your space. To change permissions:

  1. Click the Edit Permissions button
  2. Check/uncheck boxes depending on which permissions you want the user/group to have
  3. Click the Save All button (or the Cancel button if you don't want to save your changes)

Basically, if you want a user/group to be able to only view content, check the View box. If you want the user/group to be able to add and edit content, check the Add box for each type of content (Pages, News, Comments, etc.).


If a user is a member of a group that has access to your space, then he/she will be able to access your space. You can manage your own groups by clicking the Manage Users/Groups tab. This option is recommended if you want to be able to change permissions for a large number of users in a single click. For more information, see Managing Your Own Groups.

Individual Users

Instead of using groups, you can give individual users permissions in your space. This option is recommended if you don't have that many users, or you want to give different users different permissions.

Anonymous Access

If you turn on Anonymous Access, then your space will be visible to the public, no login required. If you want your space to be public, we recommend giving only View and Add Comment permissions to anonymous users. Also, never give Space Admin permission to anonymous users.

For detailed information about permissions, see the Confluence documentation on Assigning Space Permissions .

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