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  • Project Planning (Summer 2013)

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Weekly Tasks Completed


Tasks Completed

  • Completed calls with 4 of 5 initial campus DAMS contributors, gathering information about collections
  • Ongoing standup meetings and housekeeping
  • Initiated talks with Nuxeo regarding training opportunities
  • Submitted DLF poster proposal on UCLDC implementation
  • Clarified thinking about product stakeholder group formulation
  • Researched modular design approaches for public interface
  • Started task tracking in GitHub
  • Continued work on getting Shibboleth configured for DAMS
  • Created very rough first draft of development road map/timeline
  • Scheduled and prepared for calls with initial campus DAMS contributors
  • Experimented with setting up test objects in Nuxeo Studio
  • Lots of work trying to get Shibboleth up and going for DAMS
  • Verified, sorted, and estimated rough ROI for all user stories (DAMS and Discovery/Delivery layer)
  • Started process of hiring documentation/training role
  • Met with Nuxeo staff to go over questions about Studio
  • Worked out remaining licensing questions with Nuxeo
  • Group review of Nuxeo Studio and functionality
  • Developing initial list of questions for Nuxeo developers regarding particular aspects of Studio usage
  • Working on integrating Shibboleth with Nuxeo
  • OAI harvest to Solr driven by Collection registry - working prototype
  • Set up user accounts for UCB staff, MySQL database for Collection Registry
  • Experiments with pull requests on GitHub, orgamode/emax
  • Demo of collection registry with CDL mass dig team
  • Ordered new VM
  • Experiments with OAI harvesting, hooking up collection registry
  • Finalized project wiki structure and content



  • Received project wiki space; added and organized work-to-date; signed up users
  • Call with Nuxeo staff to discuss project and challenges
  • Nuxeo webinar on new DAMS features
  • CDL bi-weekly meeting to discuss project plan and user stories
  • Call with Tagasauris to explore possible opportunities/applications
  • Scheduled all standups and and held first meeting



  • Investigated Nuxeo Silver support issue
  • Met with UCB RIT regarding communications and work logistics: 
  • Met with CDL mass digitization to continue talking about collection development and pipeline for digitized materials
  • Worked on client for collection registry API
  • Continued work planning document with questions for investigation
  • Discussed communications strategy and relationship to other CDL communications, website options
  • Requested mysql database
  • Requested new UCSF confluence wiki
  • Created plan for contacting campus representatives about initial DAMS content next steps



  • environment provisioned by CDL IAS team
  • statement of work approved and CDL business services transfers funds to UCB ITS Research IT group for temporary staffing
  • met with POT1
  • Mark and Brian review solr demo of OAI harvest and discuss requirements for OAI URLs and set specs in collection registry
  • Created user stories from LT1A requirements
  • Created first draft of communications plan
  • Created first draft of implementation plan (high-level project overviews for each component, with questions and unknowns)
  • Nuxeo purchase order received



  • Submitted cdlsys request for development environment
  • Met with UC Berkeley IST to discuss staffing for Nuxeo support roles
  • Discussed collection development and digitization funding opportunities with CDL mass dig team
  • Created scope of work for Nuxeo support roles for business services to move hiring forward
  • Discussed project technical components in more depth
  • Finished initial project structure, development process, and communications outlets docs



  • Held call with Patrick S. re:  staffing resources at UCB
  • Created UCLDC page on NGTS wiki
  • Discussed project management models
  • Met with IAS to review infrastructure requirements



  • Performed initial OAI harvesting with JOAI
  • Performed Nutch/hadoop research (using nutch 1.x rather than 2.x)
  • Scheduled meeting with IAS
  • Developed initial project structure
  • Created list of “implicit tasks”: non-technical work to support requirements



  • Turned in Nuxeo quote to Business Services
  • Performed in-depth requirements review
  • Created prototype of collection registry and API
  • Started planning for how to verify initial set of content



  • Obtained quote from Nuxeo vendor
  • Discussed UCLDC roles, organizational home in new advisory structure

Working docs (project team only)

Meeting notes and agendas