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  • 2013 7/31 - 8/21 Sprint planning

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  1. Infrastructure
    1. Upgrade to 5.7 and related stuff
  2. Workflow for setting up accounts
    1. Get group module installed on Registry-dev
    2. Get the same login workflow going on DAMS
    3. Do very light UI/language finessing for user-facing stuff / email workflow w Salesforce
  3. Registry data model
    1. Get the "repository" facet going on registry – DONE 8/01
    2. Add collection_type to ProvenancialCollection and change name to Collection - DONE 8/01
    3. Make it go through to API - Done 8/02
  4. Thumbnails
    1. Have some kind of thumbnail to be demoed - very lightweight
    2. Get velocity templates going a bit - Done 8/15



  • Define a taxonomy of different collection types
  • Populate the registry with repository info
  • Associate collections with campus and repository
  • Update it with most recent initial DAMS content info - work with campuses
  • Get training on Nuxeo/Studio happening
  • Send out hard drives and work w/ contributors to get stuff
  • Plan a kickoff webinar
  • Make some progress on advisory/communications



Rationalizing campus/repository taxonomy

  • Flat data model
  • Multiple associations - "many to many"
  • Campus is it's own thing | Repository/department, collecting area = "repository"


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