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SCO Members 2008/2009


Margaret Phillips (Berkeley)
Catherine Mitchell (CDL eScholarship)
Mary Page (Davis - as of January 2009)
Gail Yokote (Davis - July-December 2008)
Lorelei Tanji (Irvine)
Marcus Banks (LAUC)
Sharon Farb (Los Angeles)


Susan Mikkelson (Merced - as of June 2009)
Donald Barclay (Merced - July 2008 - May 2009)
Barbara Schader (Riverside)
Martha Hruska (San Diego)
Gail Persily (San Francisco)
Brad Eden (Santa Barbara)
Robin Dale (Santa Cruz)

The SCOs maintained a regular meeting schedule with monthly conference calls throughout 2008/2009. Several task groups worked on specific projects in between meetings. The SCOs engaged in frequent email communication regarding ongoing group activities and external developments in the area of scholarly communication.


FY08/09 Goals - Accomplishments

1) Develop transition plan from centrally supported activities to federated local campus effort.



FY09/10 Goals

  1. In collaboration with the Collection Development Committee, develop and pursue strategies that connect the current budget crises with the need to advance new models in scholarly publishing.
  2. Continue educational outreach to faculty and librarians
    1. Develop plan for updating and maintaining UC scholarly communication website, previously maintained by Office of Scholarly Communication.
    2. Collaborate across the system on plans for Open Access Week, focusing on promotion of eScholarship's new rollout.
  3. Support the work of UCOLASC to pursue policies and education initiatives that promote open access and increased dissemination of UC scholarship and research..
  4. Support UC initiatives such as eScholarship and Springer Open Choice pilot by providing input to project teams and promoting at local campuses.
  5. Track national, regional, and local developments which affect scholarly communications for UC faculty.
  6. Continue to monitor and inventory activities of SCO members at each campus
    1. Allocate time on meeting agendas for campus activity reports
    2. Continue to develop clearinghouse on wiki space.
    3. Leverage campus successes into UC-wide activity when appropriate 


SCO charge

The SCO group reviewed its charge as part of a larger planning effort.