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Announcements? New Members?AllNone

Topics for Meeting Discussions

Michele / Teri

Joint meeting with Data Curation CKG     8

Usage statistics 8

Citation management    6

UC Library Search             6

UC Library SearchAll

Remaining Issues - Questions?

  • UCSD - wanting publishers to display
  • UCI - subject headings missing in OA books (where is the data coming from: SCP vs CDI)
  • Analytics not available at SCP-level yet.
  • Patrons requesting print when we have electronic (not cataloged)
  • Database discovery (users do use catalog to locate these, weren't cataloged at outset)
Resource News / RenewalsAll

Fill in if you have any

Teri - SciFinder (quote coming soon), AIP Ebooks (confirming interest for collection #2)

Sam - quote for IOP 2022 ebooks coming soon!


Fill in if you have any conference reports or announcements

  • UC Library Forum
    • Difficult timing - maybe make at a slower time for instruction
    • CKG Talk
    • Gather Town
  • Charleston
    • Julia did a presentation on Diversity and Publishing with Morgan and Claypool
    • CDL - Controlled Digital Lending
    • Transformative agreements
    • Interactions of Data and publishing
    • Some don't have recordings (yet?)

Mention about the new Springer program to license single titles. Michele mentioned weird stuff with the license.

JACS Shared Print Journal Call


Send feedback to Michele by 11/19. ASCE archive and IET archives mentioned. Could get group to discuss for next year).

Tracking Desired Resources for Tier 2 or Future JSC Calls

General Tab from the JSC Document (Annual/ongoing vs quarterly/project)

https://cdlib.org/services/collections/scp/organization/scp-cataloging-priorities/Potential Consortial Purchases for JSC Survey - PSE CKG - Google Sheets

IET Ebooks, ACS In-Focus & Guide to Scholarly Communication

SCP and Cataloging Priorities

What packages are falling through the cracks? 

  • They are very much behind and are figuring out how to do their work. Might need patience. 
  • JSC approves the final SCP work plan, has not seen one lately
  • Concern that SCP is giving higher priority to journals/proceedings rather than monographs.  
See if we can get Shi to meet with us at next CKG.
  • For journals this makes sense, but proceedings not so much.  Maybe we can help reprioritize our content
  • One member of SCP (Donal) is retiring end of year, trying to train others.
SCP and Cataloging Priorities

What packages are falling through the cracks? Resources:

. JSC approves the final SCP work plan.  They are very much behind and are figuring out how to do their work. Might need patience. 

New: AIP Ebooks, ACS In-Focus & Guide to Scholarly Communication

Ongoing: IET Ebooks,

Action Items:

  • See if we can get Shi to meet with us at next CKG meeting.  Ask for update in whatever form they can do. 
  • See if we can find a way to bridge SCP Lag with Community Zone Records - Michele will check and add info to resources google sheet

Current Packages (Tier 1 and 2) in PSE

Current Tier 1 and 2 Packages with Active PSE Interest - Google Sheets - What do we want to track?

Action items:

  • Please update/confirm your Resource Liaison assignments?
  • Interest in the "unclaimed" resources?

Succession planning / future of Resource Liaisons - Sharing with Holly's replacement when they're onboarded

  • Who will take Julia's Tier 2s?
  • How to plan for new Tier 2s?
  • Training/onboarding/mentoring for new STEM librarians
    • "Resource Liaison" fair?
  • Documenting Tier 2 savings: cost, time/labor?
Anything Else?

Campus/Library Happenings - Round RobinAll

UCB - Life & Health Sciences Division Head Shannon Kealey is leaving at the end of the year. Brian will be serving as the Interim LHS Division Head for the next year. Overall the Library is down about 40 positions since 2019 but will only be able to fill 15 positions this year. Adam Baron, the new Head of Metadata Services, started on November 1. Our search for the Director of the Bancroft Library & AUL for Special Collections was not successful.

UCD - Plans to hire more STEM librarians

UCI - Busy OA Week. Lots of campus questions about ORCiD

UCLA - Ref checks for 2 empty roles. Moving from 80-100% onsite for campus, reviewing our remote work policies

UCM - Primo/Alma work

UCR - Sadness at UCR right now. Manuel Urrizola passed away this week. UCR was able to purchase the ACSE Legacy Collection.

UCSB - Andrea is the collection strategist for STEM, liaison roles shuffled. Hired e-resources manager. Data analyst for collection development. JoVE renewal


UCSD - Interviewing for STM (Scholarship Tools & Methods) Program Director. Search for Collection Development & Management PD ?? Electronic resource librarian screening proceeding. JoVE renewal. Teri familiarizing herself with Analytics.. Adjusting to be back on site. 43 K on campus. Music librarian retiring. Open reserves that can't be checked out + CDL pilot.

UCSF -  

  • Josephine Tan has joined us permanently as the Education and Research Librarian, liaison to the School of Medicine
  • Nora Franco has accepted the position of Clinical Research Librarian, liaison to ZSFG. She will begin on December 1st.
  • The new Education and Research Librarian, liaison to the School of Nursing will begin on February 1st, not announced who yet

CDL -