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UCSDCopied UCSB's lead and adjusted Harvard’s code to adjust CSS for both brief and full display tiles so finding link floats up to more prominent display place in record. We use a "$3 Finding aid" note in the 856.
UCIOur decision is to continue doing what we're currently doing (portfolios for finding aids, embedded links for digital objects in Calisphere). Open to reevaluation at some point in the future.
UCDNo local decision at the moment. Waiting for the SILS recommendation.
UCSFNo local decision yet. Our Discovery subgroup + A&SC both like the Harvard model, and we've bookmarked UCSD's documentation for our back pocket list of to-dos.
UCSCWe are making portfolios for the links, but are open to reevaluating this if there is a harmonization decision. 2022 January update: we used the portfolio method for the migration, but now have implemented UCSB's solution. See Grateful Dead Records: Media.
UCROur local Discovery group was leaning towards the link coding (not portfolio) option, but implementation was put on hold until the AEFG recommendation. Decision is still pending.
UCBNo local decision yet. I have shared UCSB's solution with our Discovery subgroup and with Bancroft staff and it has been met with overall enthusiasm, so it is likely we will go in that direction unless there is a SILS decision not to. 
UCSBUse the Harvard method as noted above in the UCSD link so that the link will display in the brief search results and float to the top of the detailed display. We use a "$z Finding aid" note in the 856.
UCLA (LSC)No local decision yet. We use ‡3 Finding aid and ‡z hosted by the Online Archive of California (OAC) in the 856. We have a few ‡z Internet version available via the World Wide Web notes that will be updated.