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  • Workspace for Nuxeo-to-Omeka S connector

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This workspace summarizes activities related to developing a connector between Omeka S and the UC Shared DAMS (Nuxeo).

Planning resources

Use cases

A Nuxeo-to-Omeka S connector would allow campus libraries to centrally manage digital assets in Nuxeo -- while selectively importing copies of content into Omeka S. Omeka S can then be configured to provide tailored, customized, and/or mediated access to the content.


  • Convene a broader conversation with UC campus libraries utilizing both Nuxeo and Omeka S, to further explore the idea of the connector, gauge interest in its use, and coalesce around high level functional requirements.

  • Initiate a collaborative investigation and design phase:
    • Test and evaluate Omeka S functions
    • Gather and synthesize campus library requirements for the connector
    • Investigate how other existing Omeka connectors work, and how configurations and mappings are supported (e.g., Omeka Classic NuxeoLink plug-in; Omeka S DSpace and Fedora Connector modules)
    • Sketch out a proposed design and buildout plan
  • Identify campus library developer and product manager resources, to co-develop the connector.

Planning meetings

    2020-11-16 kickoff meeting: notes