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General announcements
  • UCLA Film & Television Archive will take notes. UCLA Clark Library due to will take notes in September.
  • Future work: Resource Management FG working on testing plan and should be able to send the CKG a list of decision pages/questions for input pretty close to Vanguard launch so that you all have time to evaluate everything,  Logistics are TBD, but very likey a combination of sample records and more free form "what do you want this to look like in general?"

Updates from SILS GroupsGroup Representatives
  • Resource Management Functional Group (TJ, Cathleen, Martha, Belinda)
    • Non-Vanguard campues might team up with Vanguard campuses.
    • Considering separating Special Collections and Archives as its own library.
    • Will add different things to test that are not on the initial baseline spreadsheet.
    • Create a new search scope mapping to SC locations, which would filter through the main search tab.
    • UCI moved everything to SC location call numbers.
  • ILS Data Cleanup (TJ, Josh, Cathleen)
    • Lots of back and forth about defining what to test.
    • ILS Clean-up focus is on migrated data.
    • RMFG made lots of recommendations.
    • Lots of questions about what is going to happen to Alma data in Vanguard. A demonstration will be done for non-Vanguard campuses.
  • Archives & Special Collections Escalation Leaders (Jasmine, Jessica)
    • Waiting for Vanguard - not much to report.
    • Hoping that Vanguard testers will share data.
  • UCB has 20 9xx fields and didn't find a lot of guidance to complete the configuration form.
  • UCSF decided to put all the 9xx in the test load and will remove them later if not needed.

Campus practices for encoding local data (pre-SILS) (continued from July meeting)

7xx fields

  • 700 with subfield 5
    • UCI Law Library has long standing practice of adding 700s without a subfield 5, may go back and search for names of faculty members and add them.
    • Inconsistent practice when marking things as local. Making decisions about moving them and relater terms in IZ.
    • UCR does not use subfield 5.
    • Not figured out how to gather and retain the locally added illustrators and publishers.
    • Could use the help of a programmer to capture what is missing in the local database records.
    • If the local data gets lost, will add back in later.
    • Josh will send the spreadsheet that explains the local 505s.
  • 710
    • UCI uses 710 for collection titles.
    • Will go in IZ.
    • As long as it is searchable in Alma and Primo we achieve everything we need.
  • 730/740 - Title added entries (Clark not present to report)
  • 790
    • Used for former owner notes.
  • 791
    • UCR uses for name collections.
  • 793 - local title
  • 796, 797, 799 
    • UCB uses these for personal, corportate, and title in order to protect these fields from overlay - these are not in the OCLC master record. Indexed just fine with fine with Millennium. Will be moving them to 97x and having them indexed.
    • 796 and 797 fields were chosen because MARC defines 796 as local personal name as an access point and 797 as local corporate name and were already indexed, unlike the 790.
  • Holdings Records
    • UCD has been using 541, 561-563 in holdings for a few years - not a huge transition. 583 is something new. Information that belongs in 583 fields were put into 999. Will do clean up project to move 999s to 583.
    • Will there be harmonization for holdings, or if it will be local? Welcome the discussion after migration. It would be helpful among the Special Collections community to do things in a similar way. May not be crucial that we harmonize, but might be nice to have a standard.
    • Plans for harmonization may be pushed off until we are in Alma.
    • Practice can vary among data, especially with subfields. Would welcome consistent practice.
  • Item Records
    • UCR started to move copy specific information that used to be in 590 to the item record. Mix of information in the catalog whether that info is in the 590 in the bib or in the item. Not sure if that information is still searchable in the item record.
    • In Millennium the item record notes are not indexable and do not display.
    • UCB uses public note in item record very sparingly. Used in a couple of complex collections to distinguish what's in each container.
    • UCSB has a non-standard way of using copy number in holdings and items, but for some information it is in concert with the 590.

Cleanup project inventory
  • Various clean-up projects people are doing prior to migration. If campuses have questions about projects they would know who to contact.
  • Bound-withs are handled differently in Alma - probably a post-migration clean-up project for those that lack 773. Could be a good first harmonizaiton project.

Remember to add your projects.

Action items