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All content in this UCLCKG wiki space is visible to the public without login unless page restrictions have been set (look for a red lock icon above the page title). Anonymous users can only view wiki content; anyone who wants to contribute must have a loginlog in with their UC credentials. The groups below show users who can log in to the wiki with their UC credentials in order to have editing and other permissions in this space. If you have questions about access and permissions for this space, please contact Zach Silveira at UCSF.

uclckg-all group

Members of this group can log in to the space and add/edit/delete/restrict content.

User List

uclckg-admins group

In addition to the permissions described for the uclckg-all group, members of this group have 'export' and 'admin' permissions, so they can export space content, add/remove users, and modify permissions:

User List