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Charter (written November 2019)

Useful Resources 

UC Reserves CKG - General Policies Sheet(more coming soon)

Meeting Minutes



(coming soon)Agenda and Minutes 2020


Jen Osgood, UC Berkeley: Arts and Humanities Div.
Nancy Tran, UC Berkeley: Access Services Division
Tom Brown, UC Berkeley: Access Services Division
Michele Buchman, UC Berkeley: Life & Health Sciences Division
Peter Basmarjian, UC Berkeley
Heidi Hugli, UC Davis
Bonnie Hain-Anderson, UC Davis
Carlton Yee, UC Irvine
Robert Rosas, UC Irvine Law Library 
Jose D Perez, UC Irvine
Sean Plotin, UC Irvine 
Melisa Garcia, UC Irvine
Heather Wagner, UC Merced
Sahra Missaghieh Klawitter, UC Riverside
Philip Chiu, UC Riverside
Peter Reyna, UC Riverside
Joanne Austin, UC Riverside
Alexia Ramirez, UC San Diego
Claire Barbasch, UC Santa Barbara
Angela Chikowero, UC Santa Barbara
Gillian Keleher, UC Santa Cruz
Jen Mohler , UC Santa Cruz
Daniel Contreras, UCLA - Biomedical Library
Sangeeta Pal, UCLA - Law Library
Christopher Brennan, UCLA - Music Library
Emily Dearborn, UCLA Arts Library 
Alex Solodkaya, UCLA Arts Library