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(1) Is your name in Wiki displaying only your last name? Or is your name in Wiki displaying as you user account id? Need to update your name in Wiki so colleagues can find you? Want to upload a photo? See Personal Settings in the updated FAQ in Wiki Help.
(2) Can't find a user to add to your wiki space? See what you can do when User cannot be found via search .

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Recommendation:  Ask the user to try to login to Wiki@UCSF.  Logging into wiki (via MyAccess or Single Sign On) the first time will auto-create the user's wiki account.  This will send the appropriate credentials of the user to Confluence (the software application behind wiki) and establish the user's confluence userid. 

After the initial login, the user is searchable by his/her last name.  This is the default Full Name that is set at initial login.  The their last name (if they logged in for the first time on or before 10/12/2022) or their full name (if they logged in for the first time after 10/12/2022).  Please note that the user may edit his/her Full Name later by editing his/her profile to improve searchability.


Cause 2) If the user has already logged in at least once, the Space Administrator is searching for full name (first and last name) of the user.  If the user first logged into the system before 10/12/22 (when the system had a bug about saving the full name) and has not updated his/her profile and still has his/her last name as their Full Namename, the user will not be found in searches that include the first name.  Sometimes, the user may even have a middle name or middle initial as well.

Recommendation:  Try to search for the user's last name.  Or ask the user to update his/her profile name (See Personal Settings under FAQs to update the user's profile).