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Identity & Access Management will be performing dry-runs and finally the production cut over from IID/CLS to Hitachi’s Identity Manager product. During these efforts we will need access to expertise from your teams in the following areas listed below.  Here is the schedule for these efforts:

    • Midweek dry-run: 10/10 10AM to 10/10 5PM  (regular work hours only)
    • Weekend dry-run: 10/18 7PM to 10/20 7PM (around the clock effort)
    • Production Cutover: 10/25 7PM to 10/27 7PM (around the clock effort)

Subject Matter Experts

The names given below the current subject matter experts (SME) you have volunteered to be available during the cutover process.

AreaNameAvailabilityCell PhoneEmailNotes


Telman Rustam

Robert Sinclair


(403) 233-0740 ext. 235

(403) 233-0740 ext: 372

Database/ODSSherman ChinAll?(415)

Roman Polonsky

FT ScriptingNick DimitroffWeekday dry-run & Production cutover

Keep David Carcamo in the loop for HCL escalations

Devops/Unix Rohit AroraMidweek dry-run

Business Hours: Rohit Arora/Sayed Afridi

Non-Business Hours: Neeraj Gupta/Ravi Ahlawat

Weekend dry-run

Business Hours: Neeraj Gupta/Sayed Afridi

Non-Business Hours: Ravi Ahlawat

Production cutover

Roman PolonskyAll? 415-378-4224 

Devops/WindowsRobert Clarke

Keep David Carcamo in the loop for HCL escalations

IID/CLSAndrei Mattes

PeopleSoft HCM

Saipriya Muthusrinivasan

Berk Mok

Shantanu Mittal

Weekday dry-run & Production cutover415-770-9561

According to Saipriya, Bert & Shantanu "will perform the actual HCM server updates".

Yatin Sadhwani

Nishant sharma

 + 91 8800892869

Per Steve Young's instructions, Yatin will be coordinating SME from their team in 8 hour shifts

Subject Area Resources

This is a list of resource IAM will be depending upon during the cutover, categorized by their relation ship to SME areas of expertise.

  1. Software
    1. Hitachi – All things related to the implementation and deployment of Hitachi IDM software
    2. PeopleSoft HCM – connectivity, communication
    3. IID/CLS 
  2. Database
    1. Hosts
      2. ODS
    2. Schema
      1. ODS-related schema
  3. UNIX/Linux VMs
    1. None
  4. Windows VMs
    3. Net directory
  5. VIPs
    2. Hosts under Net directory
  6. Scripts
    1. Feed interfaces code (Roman)
    2. ProWatch objects (Roman)
    3. Feed Replacement Transfer (Roman)
  7. Networking
    1. Firewall and routing rules for and of the resources listed above