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  • To create a new user group or rename/delete a user group for your space, use the Custom Space User Management option in Space Tools.

  • New user group: click on "Create Group".

  • Name your user group: Your please note that your user group name is automatically prefixed by your Wiki Space's key

  • Once your user group is created, it will appear under your list of groups for your space.
  • Grant permission to the newly-created group via Space Tools > Permissions. Permissions granted to the user group will apply to all users in the user group.

Please note that granting permissions to user groups works similarly to granting permissions to individuals.

  • To add individual users in the user group, select the user-group name on the left side of the page and then, click on "Add User".

  • To remove user/users, select the user-group name on the left side of the page then select the name of the user you want to remove from the group, then click on "Remove user".

  • To rename or delete user group, click on the appropriate button on the page.