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These are ideas and requirements we have heard surfaced but do not have the resources to undertake in light of other priorities. Please contact us at oacops@cdlib.org if you would like to advocate for or take on any of these projects, and/or if you have additional project ideas you do not see here.



Contributor audiences affected

Perceived benefits / the risks of NOT doing it

Effort / resources required
OAC redesign

An OAC redesign could mean one or more -- or all -- of the following:

  • Modernizing the OAC user interface design and tech
  • Modernizing the backend ingest system (voro)
  • Supporting new standards like EAD3
  • Exploring integrations with related content (e.g., SNAC)
  • Enhancing integration between OAC and Calisphere / finding aids and digital objects

All OAC contributors

  • The technology for OAC, at all levels, is very old and in need of an update.
  • The front-end user interface is outdated and below today's usability standards.
  • There are a lot of opportunities to innovate in the area of finding aid display.
Very high


This is an all-team activity that would require significant time in a dedicated project period.

It may also require additional resources beyond the OAC/Calisphere team for UX design, graphic design, etc.

Full-text search on CalisphereCalisphere would support the search of ALL metadata fields as well as the full textual content of objects, in alignment with user expectations.

UC-Nuxeo Calisphere contributors

Calisphere contributors with legacy METS

  • Currently, certain metadata fields (like transcription) and the text of objects themselves are not searchable. This is pretty sad / contrary to user expectations. It also results in less visibility for objects that have had the work of transcription, OCR, etc.
  • Such functionality would also support search within a complex object (e.g. for whole book-like objects where the user might want to hone in on a particular passage.)
  • It's possible that full text search could aid in search engine optimization (SEO)
Deep harvest of legacy OAC METS into CalisphereEnable users to stay on Calisphere to view OAC-harvested objects and provide full viewing/player environment there

UC Berkeley

Calisphere contributors with legacy METS

  • Currently users must click
twice to access METS content
  • three times to fully engage with METS content – first they get to the page on Calisphere, then they have to go into OAC, then they get the viewer. It's confusing and annoying.
  • METS are sizeable – they account for about 25% of Calisphere content, including all Bancroft content.
  • Stats reporting is tricky.
  • There is a risk on the other side, which is the OAC content may be picked up more in Google Images.
Calisphere contact button investigationDetermine a holistic UX solution for contact institution on object pages, to accommodate Aeon integrationAll Calisphere contributors
  • Several contributors have expressed the desire to implement an Aeon request button on calisphere
  • We also never fully delivered on the vision for the contact button, which would allow users to email contribs directly instead of putting the onus on them to find contact info


This is a smaller project that requires some UX analysis and subsequent developer time, but not on the scale of the other projects.

Access restrictions on CalisphereEnable different levels of user access to different types of content through authentication and authorization, virtual reading room registration, etc.UC-Nuxeo Calisphere contributors
  • Currently, contributing to Calisphere is an all-public-or-nothing proposition. Several campuses have content that they need to restrict for various reasons.
  • There are some workarounds to this using Nuxeo as a direct layer, depending on the use case and audiences.


This is a big project requiring some analysis and unpacking of the requirements, some UX work, and a lot of technical strategizing and implementation.

Seamless contributor experienceEnable more seamless access to cross-contributor systems (Calisphere Collection Registry, voro/Dashboard, OAC Help Center, Calisphere Exhibitions, other CDL services, etc.)All OAC/Calisphere contributors


More advanced Calisphere UI features / functionalityVarious UI features like bookbag, user-contributed content, etc.All Calisphere contributors