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  • Swati at Riverside (not on the call, but joining the group)
  • Kyra at Santa Barbara (on the call today)

Next meeting December 20 - several people may not be available.  We'll take a poll in the near future about who can't attend that call.

3. Deep-Dive topic

Controlled Digital Lending, 108(h), and other copyright/Internet Archive goodies


  • Controlled digital lending:
    • Internet Archive has been doing this.  Essentially, take the physical copy off the shelf and lend an online copy instead - DRM allows one user at a time.
    • For UC's right now: Internet Archive et al are looking for endorsements - if we agree in a public forum it would lend credibility to the idea.
    • Mike supportive: would especially benefit things which are resource intensive to maintain in print but would benefit from electronic copy.  Also, does support that this approach follows copyright law appropriately.  Expects that it could go to court eventually; optimistic that there will be a good outcome for libraries if it does.
    • Katie: are there campuses which could implement something like this in the next couple of years?
      • Davis: hopes yes in the not-too-distant future, but Mike thinks the current focus is endorsement.
    • Hahti Trust's role in this is large: local efforts would be exciting, but much of our collections are with Hahti and they would need to be involved for any big movement.
    • Current signatories: Berkeley, Davis, San Francisco, CDL
    • What are concerns of non-signatories?
      • May just be a lack of awareness; got pushed aside for other priorities, or the right people at the libraries didn't know about it to push it.
    • Mike: happy to share resources about supporting this for endorsement offline if desired.
    • Davis: Lila Bailey coming to discuss the project in the near future (currently being rescheduled) - Mike will send details once re-confirmed; it's an open event.

  • IA blog post
    • Older items in the last 20 years of copyright protection - if it's not commercially available, libraries can make it available.
    • Challenge here is to define what is not commercially available: how to identify items that fit that category.  May not be useful for our campuses, but IA may have the bandwidth to do this on a larger scale.
    • Startup out of Tulane: claims they can do copyright analysis cheaply; could potentially identify this.
    • Collection currently has 61 results in it.  That's a low number - we might only want to invest time if we have a lot of items that we could add, to make it worth our investment.

  • Reminder: 
    • If you have ideas for future deep dive topics, send them along.
    • Are there places to look at parameters or topics of interest?  Not especially - could look at past agendas for examples.

4. Other topics

  • eScholarship journals
  • eScolarship updates every 3 months on this call (Marty)
    • Proposal: Monica could take over the deep dive topic every three months to discuss eScholarship updates.  She'll do this first in December.

5. Updates from crossover groups if applicable

    1. OSC: Spent October call revisiting and refining foundational documents, and controlled digital lending.  Also note: OSC welcomes guest bloggers - contact Katie if you have a post you'd like to add.
    2. Data: Christy not present
    3. STAR Team: Completing reviews of Open Book Publishers and Reveal Digital in the next month or two.

6.Round-robin update

    1. UCB - OA week events were well-attended.  Currently organizing a webinar with the people who founded earth archive (sp?) - could be a deep dive topic for the future about preprint servers and the like.
    2. UCD - 
    3. UCI - 
    4. UCLA - OA week events - good turnout.  Look at OA data repositories, ORCID, enhance remix and reimagine things using OA, using things like unpaywall to get at OA content.
    5. UCM - Two-day data carpentry workshop.  About 30 attendees, mostly grad students and reseachers.  Looking into institutional membership to offer these on a regular basis.
    6. UCR - OA week - met faculty member working on climate research who is a big OA champion.
    7. UCSB - Reception honoring faculty who are editors or founders of OA journals or authors of OA books; good turnout, helped attendees download OA books.  Partnership with Punctum Books - OA book publisher.  Recruiting for a new UL, and candidates are visiting in the next couple of weeks.
    8. UCSC - 
    9. UCSD - UCL candidtates candidates will be visiting campus in the next weeks.  OA week was small - presentation for staff and librarians.  Social media campaign through library's SM accounts.  Started a project to identify OA journals which can meet users' needs in terms of cost, impact, etc.
    10. UCSF - 
    11. CDL - Nothing to report.