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  • 2017 August: Calisphere/OAC/DAMS Update

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TopicIn briefAction items
Calisphere exhibitions programA small cross-campus task force has collaborated on a multi-institution program for curating Calisphere exhibitions. We're going to have a call for exhibition reviewers. We'll have the guidelines out and start asking for new exhibitions in September or October.Contact Sherri if you want to be an exhibition reviewer, or if you want to curate an exhibition.
Complex objects and IIIF

We've had a few interesting conversations with Stanford about developing better, IIIF-compliant displays for digital objects. There could be a co-development opportunity here for the UC Libraries. There are also some tools to weigh and decisions to make about how we want to implement the IIIF Presentation API and related tech for Nuxeo objects on Calisphere, possibly adapting work in-progress on the UniversalViewer. We would like to have a separate call with anyone at UC who is interested in any aspect of this.

In the meantime: we've improved the UI for "hybrid" (or "multi-format") complex objects on Calisphere using the existing technology stack.

A Doodle poll is coming soon for a UC call - please contact Sherri or Brian if you want to be on it.
IMLS grantWe're submitting a preliminary proposal to IMLS for a "National Forum" grant. The project would be to invite digital humanities researchers and data scientists to take a "collections as data," computational approach to identifying gender, racial, and/or cultural gaps and inequities in the DPLA dataset. 
Nuxeo upgradeNuxeo has been successfully upgraded to version 7.10. The next two updates over the next couple years will have some UI changes.Nuxeo users: here are your post-upgrade "to-do's".
UC-Digital Library Forum (DLF)
UC-DLF is happening at UCR on February 27 and 28, 2018! This will be a great way to connect across UC on digital library projects.Submit a proposal for UC-DLF!
ArcLight for OAC?We'd all love an OAC redesign. One possible, but as-yet-untested potential option would be to look at Stanford's ArcLight project for this. We are thinking about trying to load all of OAC into ArcLight and seeing what happens. 
schema.orgUC Merced put schema.org markup on Calisphere objects. schema.org is a semantic/linked data-type of markup that in theory should help with search engine optimization and the rich display of content in Google search results. It is unclear if this really had much of a benefit. Here are some notes on the mini-project. 
Help CenterJust a reminder that we have a new help portal for OAC, Calisphere, and Nuxeo. It's a single stop for user guides, policies, ticketing/emailing system, and forums. 
Mass digitization of non-booksCDL's mass digitization team has been starting to pilot more cost-efficient rapid digitization of non-book materials. Their first pilot was with UCR; 6,000 negatives from their Jay Jay Klein collection were scanned in 2 days. The collection was built and published to Calisphere in 1.5 weeks. They want to do more of these, with the goal of someday having a replicatable process for any kind of content.Contact Paul Fogel if your campus is interested in doing a mass dig pilot
DPLA Service HubCDL and the Libraries are currently a "Content Hub" for DPLA, meaning we send them all the Calisphere metadata. But soon we are all going to become a "Service Hub," which better reflects the fact that we are doing this on behalf of institutions across the state. We are envisioning that this could grow into a network in California where various institutions could provide various services (like digitization) in support of smaller orgs like historical societies, community archives, and public libraries 
DPLA "ingest3"

DPLA is changing their ingest technology, looking ahead to a version 3 of their stack. Version 2 took several months to churn through Calisphere metadata; they've since incorporated Apache Spark into their process, which can zip through Calisphere metadata in minutes. (They are harvesting from Calisphere every 2 months).

In the meantime, we're running version 1 of their stack – and are tracking and interested in adapting what they develop for version 3.

By the way, DPLA is also redesigning their website.