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Minutes prepared by Mike Wolfe, UC Davis

  1. Present: Mike Wolfe, Mitchell Brown, Shu Liu, Jennifer Chan, Marty Brennan, Donald Barclay, Rhonda Neugebauer, Mary Linn Bergstrom, Anneliese Taylor, Christy Hightower, Gary Colmenar, Katie Fortney, Monica Westin, Mat Willmott
  2. Announcements (Katie Fortney)

    1. Reminder: call for new Chair/Co-Chair; to be decided at March meeting

    2. Next month we'll be switching Zoom meeting info — update your calendars as necessary. There are always current links available on the agendas.

    3. OSC is aggregating Fair Use Week posts and will post if there’s a critical mass.

      1. Jennifer Chan: UCLA has a robust set of programming, summarized on the web.

    4. If you have updates for your campus for the OSC site Campus Resources page, send them to Katie.

  3. UC Shared Content Leadership Group (SCLG) & Scholarly Communications CKG (Katie Fortney)

    1. Recap of 2/10/17 call — Katie Forney and Shu Liu attended

    2. SCLG wanted to know about SC CKG activities

    3. SCLG has an interest in:

      1. Coordinating around events

      2. Sharing knowledge about altmetrics tools

        1. Open call for CKG members to identify potentially useful tools.

        2. Mathew Wilmott: STAR hasn’t gotten involved with altmetrics tools at the time.

        3. Christy Hightower: what about understanding empirically which metrics faculty value?

        4. Katie Fortney will email to try and clarify the ask.

        5. Christy Hightower: is there interest in pooling knowledge in a google doc?

          1. Seconded: Bergstrom, Forney, Liu.

          2. Katie Fortney to start a google doc and will send the link. (Update: it's here.)

      3. Maintaining open communication generally

  4. Shared calendaring (Katie Fortney)

    1. Query on whether there is interest in having a shared calendar, perhaps just as a google doc, for events.

  5. Update on disposition of the old Scholarly Communications Officers Group wiki space, https://wiki.library.ucsf.edu/x/NgDjBQ (Anneliese Taylor)

    1. Members should the old wiki before the next CKG call on March 15 to find and identify materials to be saved.

    2. Katie Fortney: new wiki has permissions issues / presently, very few have editing permissions. The group has confirmed the permissions issues, Katie will let SCLG/DOC know of the continuing problem.

  6. Brief updates from or questions for groups with subject overlap (Reminder: limit updates to scholarly communication topics and be mindful of time. Topics requiring more time can be added as a separate agenda item):

    1. Introduction to Data Curation CKG (Christy Hightower)

      1. Includes open and restricted data, through the whole data lifecycle

      2. Includes data management, rights, preservation, outreach, promotion

      3. Mix between technical and scholarly communications roles

    2. OSC (Katie)    

      1. There is no progress on a new UC data ownership/sharing policy at this time

        1. Rachael Samberg (not present) pointed out that on-campus figures are having to provide advice about data licensing without official university guidance.

      2. OSC considering a statement about the new administration and reaffirming commitments to values around information access / intellectual freedom.

    3. STAR (Mathew Wilmott)

      1. Finished creating a website with charge, information about process, etc.

      2. Email announcement forthcoming, but it is live now and linked to from SCLG.

  7. Licensing of University-owned (i.e., library-created works) (Christy Hightower)

    1. Important for each campus to be aware of how licensing/permissions works, and what libraries are empowered to do

    2. Worth clarifying these policies and ensure libraries are properly licensing their regents-owned copyrighted materials

    3. Michael Wolfe: Can this be done in a way that doesn’t prejudice the day-to-day work many of us do with regents-owned copyrighted works?