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  1. Roll Call
    In attendance: Teplitzky, Brown, Liu, Chan, Brennan, Neugebauer, Bergstrom, Taylor, Hightower, Colmenar, Fortney, Weston, Wilmott

  2. Announcements:
    1. Call for new Chair/Co-Chair
      1. Shu’s term ends in February; Katie started as one year replacement but can continue. Group is looking for at least one new co-chair to replace to Shu. New term will start in March.
      2. Duties include managing wiki, chairing monthly meetings, adding or removing members, soliciting discussion topics, attending other UC group meetings upon request, etc.

  3. UC Shared Content Leadership Group (SCLG) & Scholarly Communications CKG - two potential topics of overlap:
    1. Questions about whether both groups should coordinate more, including system wide coordination of education and events around Open Access week. SC CKG recommends adhoc group to plan joint OA activities:
      1. Ex. from UCSD: create webinar from local speakers to add more value/flexibility to increase participation at events
      2. Ex. UCI has been asked for more formal plan for 2017 open access week. UCI will have Heather Joseph speak.
      3. Attendees generally seek local flavor--question of what joint programs would like and how we can still honor campus preferences.
      4. UCLA: cross campus collaboration good idea; potential to spread efforts of booking big names and sharing these presentations to remote audiences
      5. Potential to time shift presentations with webinar/video option.
      6. Ex. Can share something like promotional video created for OA week from Merced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hxKH3-42U0
      7. Ask SCLG about planning logistics and coordination
      8. Start with shared calendar to manage booking and avoid potential overlap
      9. Share other OA activities/events that might happen at different times of year
      10. UCR: Planning program that starts at OA week and winds down during Fair Use week in February
      11. UCLA Fair Use week: Game music ensemble orchestra whose music relies on exercising fair use; educational session about apply fair use to finding and using images
      12. Action items: Investigate shared calendar tool; potential video platform
    2. Assessing/promoting/sharing information about tools researchers can or should be using:
      1. Which tools are we talking about? Chairs will ask SCLG for clarification.
      2. Ex UCSD workshop on promoting your research (orcid, profiles)
      3. eScholarship
      4. Do we want internal or external facing sharing spaces? Limitations of our wiki for sharing resources--only chairs can edit.
      5. Suggestion: internal first, ability for members to download and adapt for local use
      6. Action item: Shu will create Google Drive Folder
    3. Katie & Shu will report on behalf of our group at Feb. 10 SCLG meeting

    4. Disposition of the old Scholarly Communications Officers Group wiki space, https://wiki.library.ucsf.edu/x/NgDjBQ (Anneliese)
    1. If space hasn’t been updated in one year, space is removed
    2. Some content duplicates what can be found elsewhere (charge, minutes), but some such as working documents, reports, resource sharing might be useful
    3. Everyone will be added to be able to login and evaluate documents